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Saturday, August 18, 2012

just some sentences

I sit here looking out my study window, marveling at the bright blue winter sky.  Where are the clouds and rain, I have no idea but certainly not here at the moment.  We have had a run of beautiful sunny winter days, with the odd really wet day, last Sunday was one of those.

The jasmine in our garden is starting to bloom, it is covered with red buds and bunches of white flowers.  The roses are just starting to show the first signs of new green leaves after their winter pruning.  I can't wait to see them bloom and to inhale their fragrant scent.

The orchids are in full bloom and the back patio is looking stunning, they really do put on a show for us each year.

There are bees buzzing and birds singing, it is really a glorious day.

The morning was chilly, but there is now some warm in the sun and the bed in the spare room keeps calling my name, it is a gorgeous spot to lie and read on a winter's afternoon, but I shall resist the urge today as I have things to do.

I am looking forward to traveling to Adelaide next week, not so much the flight, but being away will be nice.  I may just pack my bathers as hubby tells me there is a gym and a pool at the hotel we are staying at.  He has to go for work, and I am tagging along, partly because I need some time away and mostly because he is not traveling well mentally and he asked me to go with him.

He will be on a course for 3 days and on the Friday he is taking the day off and we are driving out to the Barossa to have a look around and maybe buy some Maggie Beer products and some wine.  I have been told to try a Tokay from out that way that is the nectar of the Gods, looking forward to that.

I have been making an effort to blog daily on my new blog about my diabetes journey and will try and be more regular here when I get back as well.

I seem to have lost my blogging mojo, not sure why, but I just don't seem to have much to share.  I am still taking the time to pop over to read (although not always comment) on other people's blogs and I am sure that I will be back here on a more regular basis soon.

Thanks for popping by.  xxx


  1. Mine is sometimes good, sometimes abysmal.
    Enjoy your break!

    1. Hi MM, nice to see you drop by. I have been popping over to read when I see you appear, but I seem to have lost the comment mojo as well, sometimes I just don't know what to say. But I suppose a 'hi' doesn't go astray. Hugs to you xxx

  2. I haven't been to Adelaide in years (which is shameful when my eldest brother lives there). I remember it as a lovely city.
    Have a wonderful time and I hope the break is healing for both you and your husband.
    Blog whenever you feel like it. It is not an obligation even though sometimes it feels that way.
    PS: Love the orchids. We have one and only one of our orchids in bud, but it won't bloom for a while yet.

  3. We all have our dry spells.....it may be that you will concentrate on your new blog and let this one go.....changes my dear, changes.

  4. Oh! Those orchids. I really enjoyed seeing them 'in the flesh' when up there earlier this month. I know jealousy is a dreadful emotion to have but I do truly feel so envious. Why or why have we had no success at all growing them here??? We can grow agave, lavender, duranta etc. till they overtake the garden but orchids? No luck so just have to enjoy seeing yours. xx



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