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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Launch of ...

I've decided to share my diabetes journey on a new blog, in an attempt to help me come to terms with the disease.  Not sure that it will work, but I've got to try something, and I think that writing about it will help - surprise that the psychologist could be right about that - hey?

I find it hard to write with a pen anymore, arthritis and all that, so typing is much easier.

I will try and journal daily, and the first few will be put together from what I have already hand written.


  1. I will surely follow you on your new blog and your new journey as well. Hugs from far too far away.

    1. Thanks my lovely, you are one special blogging friend. xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Delores, can I say that you are one of the most supportive bloggers in cyberspace. I really appreciate the time you take to always comment on my blog when I never seem to be around enough to do the same for you. xxx

  3. Writing is always a good way to debrief yourself and work things out. Your blog will also be a gret source of information for other sufferers of diabetes. It's a win-win! Hugs.
    Mrs Catch xx

    1. Thanks Mrs Catch, I am sure it will help me and it will be a bonus if it helps just one other person. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. xxx

  4. Excellent. I'm sure it will be helpful to others on that same path, and to you as well. x

  5. Kakka! I happened to chance across you at Kristin's 'place' and clicked your happy picture... and here you are. I see my error now when searching for you this morning: I was typing 'mama' and not 'mumma'...! It brings up a blog page with no posts in it! I knew that couldn't be you.

    Excellent about the new blog, good luck with it. New blogs are so refreshing, possibilities abound. But they are energy sapping things too. Take care of yours and mind how you go xox



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