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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Online Shopping, This Could Be A Problem!!!

Good thing I don't have an unlimited bank account and a shopping addiction (or do I???).

With my dodgy back and crook knee I just can not do shopping centres anymore, well not without a lot of pain.

But all my favourite stores (and more) are just the click of a button away - yippee!!!

Got the green hanky top and the green cardi
(also got them in black as well).
So lately I have ordered 3 lots of clothes from MySize (who so nicely email me with a catalogue), some stuff (scarves and jewelry) from TS14+, more clothes from 17 Sundays (who I found via Danimezza).

I have also ordered my organic shampoo and conditioner (cheaper than I can get it through my hairdresser even with delivery) and some skin care products at a huge discount and with free delivery.

Not to mention the countless goodies for the grandchildren from Fishpond, Entrophy Toys, Bunyip Toys and others.

Then there are the Nespresso pods for our new coffee machine, my T2 tea bags and my scrapbooking goodies from Creative Memories.

I mean, who needs to leave the house nowadays???

Now all I need is to get hubby into good shopping online and we are all set I think.

What shopping have you done online lately?

Thanks for popping by xxx

p.s. Oh I forgot to mention JBs, Dymocks and Borders are also regular online haunts of mine - you should seem my book and DVD collection!


  1. Book stores and nurseries. The garden catalogues I refer to as garden porn. Sadly I often succumb to the temptation. My book collection is frighteningly large. I have also bought earrings (another obsession) and photographs from other bloggers. On-line shopping is positively dangerous.

    1. Book stores are a hugh temptation to me, but luckily I tend to stick to my genre love (crime and horror) and not much else although there are titles on your reading list that pique my curiosity. xxx

  2. Vitamins and batteries and books oh my..... lol. I just found out I can order the majority of groceries I need on line and have them delivered to my door and our local drugstore delivers now.....Now if only doctors dentists etc would make housecalls like in the good old days.

    1. Hadn't thought about vitamins and batteries well, no never. I have yet to try the online groceries but if I can just convince hubby they are next on my list. xxx

  3. Like you, I'm not able to do the shopping anymore. I simply am not able to walk for long enough to do so much as a simple grocery shop, let alone do any 'fun' shopping.

    So I buy most everything online now. Off to check out the two stores you mentioned first.

    1. Hope you find something you love at my favourite stores. xxx

  4. I have often shopped at JB HiFi and also bought things from retailers through eBay. I am never sure about purchasing clothing as sizes differ so much and if it doesn't fit you have the worry of returning it etc. I can't understand people buying shoes online as they have to be such a definite fit don't the? Also as I can't afford very expensive things I would probably find most clothing items etc. would be outside my price range. I think though that it wonderful for you to be able to shop this way especially now you are having difficulty in getitng out and about.

    1. I suppose I know my size at MySize as I bought from them so long in the traditional way, and have yet to get it wrong online with them. Shoes I would never buy online as I have weird feet - lol. There are some real bargains if you look around, I saved nearly 50% on some skincare and got free delivery. xxx

  5. Nice article about online shopping.The only time I buy clothes or shoes online is for brands I buy regularly where I know my size -- if the brand is consistent in sizing! I definitely won't buy for brands where I'll be a Small in one item and a Medium in another. Even then, there are certain items I'd never buy online, like jeans, because they have to fit JUST right.
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