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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Everyone's Waiting

I know all the lines to say
The part I am expect to play
But in the reflection I am worlds away

As I put my costume on
Eyelashes one by one
Been doing this so long I can tie the knot
Behind my back

And everyone's waiting
but it's getting harder to hear what my heart is saying
Cos everyone's waiting

"Just swallow and breath" she says
"Remember this aint for you it's for them
And all of those painful lessons you've had to learn
You gotta use them now or never"

Cos everyone's waiting
But it's getting harder to hear
What my heart keeps saying
Turn it off, I wanna turn it all off

When everyone's waiting
It makes it harder to hear what my heart keeps saying
Turn it off, I wanna turn it all off

But everyone's waiting
I hear that answers appear when you just stand still
But make it all, how do you make it all stop
When everyone's waiting?
Everyone's waiting

Written by Missy Higgins and Dan Wilson (copyright 2012)

Another song that is speaking so much to me at the moment.


  1. How I know those times when 'I just don't want to play anymore'. And the expectations of other people or worse the ones we make for ourselves can be heavy. So heavy.
    Look after yourself. Sending love and caring.

    1. Thanks EC, I am doing my best to try and keep afloat on the sea of expectations. xxx

  2. I believe all the answers are there in that stillness. It's where I've been spending a lot of time lately. Love and hugs. x

    1. I crave that stillness, although sometimes I find it overwhelming as listening to my heart can be a burden in itself, I have buried so many thanks for so long. Thanks for caring K, xxx

  3. Replies
    1. Now if I could just teach myself to do that it might indeed be the answer. Thanks for popping by and taking the time to comment. xxx



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