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Thursday, September 6, 2012


You know that crushing weight, the weight of other people's expectations, the weight of your own, the weight of work deadlines, the weight of dealing with other people's agendas, the weight of pain, the weight of dealing with a chronic illness or two.

Well right about now I am feeling CRUSHED by all that weight.

Apparently though, I have a way out.

It is okay to tell people NO (albeit in a nice way).

It is okay to tell people you will not get caught up in their bullshit.

It is okay for me to put myself first, if not all the time at least some of the time.

It is okay to be pissed off with the Universe, even though there are others dealing with bigger issues than me.

It is okay to unload right here on my blog.

It's okay because John (my psychologist) told me it is okay, and you know what, I think he is right.  It's time I broke the mould I have been living in all my life because it has been unhealthy for me mentally.


From now on there will be a feistier, stand up for myself type of personality here, you better get used to it!!!

And just in case that was a little scary, know that I love all my cyber friends that come to visit, you make my days way more bearable.

Thanks for popping by xxx


  1. Yay. And no is such a hard word. Perhaps you could practise in the mornings. No Max, I said no Max, I meant no.
    And when you have no down to a fine art, come and teach me.
    The more I learn about John the more I warm to him.
    Hugs, as always.

    1. I find it easy to give other people the advice to say No more often, I find it harder to listen to my own advice.

      I am warming to John as well, today it was a blue skivvy, so a nice change from black. I also found out he not only has asthma but a pacemaker, no wonder he understands.

      Thank you for the hugs xxx

  2. Go Kakka! It IS OK. I said so too. So there!

    1. Nice to see you BabyMac. I need more people to tell me it is alright, apparently I put everyone else first way to much (well according to John anyway). Now if I can just get over the guilts at saying no I should be fine. Thanks for popping by. xxx

  3. You go girl. It's a hard word to say but you can do it if you try.

    1. It is hardest when you are saying it to those you love. Thanks for popping by when you have so much on your own plate now. xxx

  4. I know this well. We become weighed down by others' expectations that we THINK they have of us. maybe they don't! I too am learning to say that word NO and more than that I am taking time & space that is for ME! At 62 I have earned it. Whilst my hub is very unwell in the physical sense he is good intellectually & he more than understands that my time is NOW. 41 years of parenting & 4o of teaching too. Love this time NOW. Joined. Gym yesterday. Haven't been to a gym since 1980s. With you all the way.. Even tho we are on opposite sides of the country! Denyse

    1. Thanks Denyse. I joined the gym a month or so ago, then resigned from it as it wasn't for me as it aggravated my arthritis, hope your journey there is fantastic. WE DO DESERVE our time don't we. Sorry to hear your hubby is so unwell Hugs xxx



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