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Sunday, September 9, 2012


The wonderful 'The Elephant's Child' often share photos of the beautiful birds that share her garden, or that she find on her travels.

A couple of weeks ago she shared some magpie photos, which made me go back into my archives to find the few that I had taken back in 2010 when we were visiting Margaret River.  This guys followed us around for ages, really curious to see what we where doing in his territory.  At one point he even tried to get into our car.

I love magpies, they forage in our garden for grubs, or for twigs for their nest.  Just this morning I saw a lone magpie take on, and chase away, 2 black cockatoos that got a little to close to her/his nest.

They have the most amazing singing voice, and call to each other, warbling away under the sprinkler on hot summer mornings, or sipping water from puddles left when the sprinkler has finished.

They may be only black and white birds, but each has a distinctive marking and the ones I love the best are the males with the solid white backs.

So today I am wearing black and white as my outfit when popping out to meet my son for lunch.

Call it my magpie inspired outfit.

Thanks for popping by xxx


  1. Thank you. I am really pleased to find another magpie fan. People from the UK are not at all fond of them (a different bird) and neither are people from the US (again a different bird). It shows a distinct lack of imagination to give three different birds the same name. And the warble/gurgle of ours is a joy and a delight. Worth the brief swooping period each year.

  2. I guess we don't have them in Ontario....I've never seen one in person.

  3. We also love the magpies and their cheerful warbling. Matter of fact of late they have been doing so right through the night. They have begun coming into our yard again. I used to throw them low fat grated cheese which they used to pick up in their beaks and fly away with it but my daughter said we shouldn't feed wild birds so I've not been doing it of late.

  4. Oh! Just realised you were popping out to have a mother/son lunch. Do please let me know how he is getting on.



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