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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Online Shopping, This Could Be A Problem!!!

Good thing I don't have an unlimited bank account and a shopping addiction (or do I???).

With my dodgy back and crook knee I just can not do shopping centres anymore, well not without a lot of pain.

But all my favourite stores (and more) are just the click of a button away - yippee!!!

Got the green hanky top and the green cardi
(also got them in black as well).
So lately I have ordered 3 lots of clothes from MySize (who so nicely email me with a catalogue), some stuff (scarves and jewelry) from TS14+, more clothes from 17 Sundays (who I found via Danimezza).

I have also ordered my organic shampoo and conditioner (cheaper than I can get it through my hairdresser even with delivery) and some skin care products at a huge discount and with free delivery.

Not to mention the countless goodies for the grandchildren from Fishpond, Entrophy Toys, Bunyip Toys and others.

Then there are the Nespresso pods for our new coffee machine, my T2 tea bags and my scrapbooking goodies from Creative Memories.

I mean, who needs to leave the house nowadays???

Now all I need is to get hubby into good shopping online and we are all set I think.

What shopping have you done online lately?

Thanks for popping by xxx

p.s. Oh I forgot to mention JBs, Dymocks and Borders are also regular online haunts of mine - you should seem my book and DVD collection!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jasmine Inspired by PPMJ

I am sharing some of the Jasmine bud and flowers from our garden, inspired by PPMJ's Flowers for Friday.  While she loves hers in the house, my nose is too sensitive for that, but I love them in my garden when I can smell them gently wafting on the breeze.

Look at these buds, almost open 

And all these, and so many more you can't see. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

just some sentences

I sit here looking out my study window, marveling at the bright blue winter sky.  Where are the clouds and rain, I have no idea but certainly not here at the moment.  We have had a run of beautiful sunny winter days, with the odd really wet day, last Sunday was one of those.

The jasmine in our garden is starting to bloom, it is covered with red buds and bunches of white flowers.  The roses are just starting to show the first signs of new green leaves after their winter pruning.  I can't wait to see them bloom and to inhale their fragrant scent.

The orchids are in full bloom and the back patio is looking stunning, they really do put on a show for us each year.

There are bees buzzing and birds singing, it is really a glorious day.

The morning was chilly, but there is now some warm in the sun and the bed in the spare room keeps calling my name, it is a gorgeous spot to lie and read on a winter's afternoon, but I shall resist the urge today as I have things to do.

I am looking forward to traveling to Adelaide next week, not so much the flight, but being away will be nice.  I may just pack my bathers as hubby tells me there is a gym and a pool at the hotel we are staying at.  He has to go for work, and I am tagging along, partly because I need some time away and mostly because he is not traveling well mentally and he asked me to go with him.

He will be on a course for 3 days and on the Friday he is taking the day off and we are driving out to the Barossa to have a look around and maybe buy some Maggie Beer products and some wine.  I have been told to try a Tokay from out that way that is the nectar of the Gods, looking forward to that.

I have been making an effort to blog daily on my new blog about my diabetes journey and will try and be more regular here when I get back as well.

I seem to have lost my blogging mojo, not sure why, but I just don't seem to have much to share.  I am still taking the time to pop over to read (although not always comment) on other people's blogs and I am sure that I will be back here on a more regular basis soon.

Thanks for popping by.  xxx

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Launch of ...

I've decided to share my diabetes journey on a new blog, in an attempt to help me come to terms with the disease.  Not sure that it will work, but I've got to try something, and I think that writing about it will help - surprise that the psychologist could be right about that - hey?

I find it hard to write with a pen anymore, arthritis and all that, so typing is much easier.

I will try and journal daily, and the first few will be put together from what I have already hand written.

Friday, August 3, 2012


So, in an attempt to overcome my needle phobia and come to terms with dealing with that and the whole D2 bullsh** I went to a psychologist the other day.

Once I got over the whole, oh my God he is a parody of what anyone would think a psychologist should look like, picture longish greying hair, goatee, black turtleneck skivvy under jacket (thankfully no leather patches on the elbows), 6 silver bangles on one wrist, earring in one ear and a bust of someone (Freud??) on his filing cabinet, he turned out to be an okay sort of guy and we had a meaningful discussion.

Although he started it by asking me to choose somewhere to sit while he popped out to the loo.  So I did the whole, oh crap does that mean something, like if I choose the wrong chair it means I am a psychopath, or should I lie down on the chesterfield leather couch dilemma, I chose the yellow wing chair as it looked comfortable.

So one of the things he has asked me to do is to journal how I feel just prior to giving myself my injection so I can bring it back to him so he can understand and help me understand what exactly is going on.  Sure no worries, except, what if I get it wrong??  But then, is there a right or wrong, it is not a test, or is it?  Sure no worries, but how do you put down in words things I find hard to explain to myself.

Maybe sharing it here is the wrong thing, but somehow cyberspace seems to listen and it helps me to know that someone is listening, even if they don't comment, in fact comments can be over-rated and sometimes I get anxious wondering what people will say or really think.

I know that I won't write it all here, I don't want to over share, or to bore the pants of people who pop over to read.  But today, I seem to need to share what I wrote, I certainly am not looking for sympathy or comments, I am just putting it out into the Universe.

My first entry ....

Crap, who thought this would help?  I have no idea what to write, I really don't want to think about this, it is hard enough to just do it every day.  Where to start, I don't know how I really feel, so I hope this is okay ...  the best I can do is make this a story, I can talk through stories.

I sit here staring at my stomach, crisscrossed by a network of silver stretchmarks, the reminders of the four children this body has nurtured.  I stare at the bruises and the red irritation marks left by the hundreds of injections before, and yes it must be hundreds as I am on my third pack on needles and they come in packs of 100.  

I try and find a place that is not too close to the place I used this morning.  

I can feel myself getting tense, I can feel myself getting frustrated, and then the tears start to fall.  

It all seems so hard, so overwhelming, so out of control.  

Will it hurt this time?  Sometimes it just hurts to push the needle in and the rest is okay.  Sometimes the needle goes in with no issues and then it hurts as the fluid seeps under my skin.  Sometimes the needle and injecting are fine and then it hurts as I take the needle out.  Then there are the times it stings when it is all finished.  Or will tonight be one of the few nights that nothing hurts?  I am blessed that sometimes it is painless and I can breathe more easily.  It is the not knowing how this will be this time that makes me tense.

But I know I can do this, I have to do this, and so I will.

p.s. Tonight it hurt going in and stung afterwards


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