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Sunday, August 30, 2009

2009 The Last Winter Sunday Morning

Grey clouds in the sky, chilly breeze gently blowing, snuggle under the covers for just a little longer, but housework calls - washing needs to be done.

Quick check of FB and Blogger.

Hurry to the laundry with my feet cold on the floor. Slippers where art thou?

Hot cuppa tea back in the study, washing on - hubby says 'how about bacon and eggs for brekkie' oh no - we don't have bread for toast. So off he goes to the bakery to get some.

Heater slowly warming up the room, washing machine calling - time for fabric softener - love that the washing machine is boss!!

Hubby back with the bread, cooking up the bacon now - sizzling in the pan, aroma wafting down the hall - calling my name. Toast pops all crisp and brown. OJ waiting on the table, knives and forks all set.

Blue skies breaking through - washing on the line, more in washing machine churning round and round. Sun is warm upon my back, bending, stretching to reach the pegs and put the washing over my head.

Cat is creeping round the yard, hubby pottering over there - look out there's the cat - hiding right behind the pot - playing games together.

Back inside there's more to do, making beds and cleaning bathroom - a stop to check FB again as I walk down the hall.

Before long the morning will be gone - the last winter Sunday for 2009 - a time to reflect today on the past - 8 years ago today my grand-daughter was hurt in a car crash and it was my father in law's funeral. Winter will be over tomorrow - where has it gone? Time passes so quickly in the blink of an eye. 8 years or just a season - gone before you know it.

Spring is just around the corner.

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