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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sometimes Life Throws You Curve Balls

Life - it can be a bitch sometimes - throwing you curve balls just when you think you have your life in order. One of my sisters has been waiting for a hip replacement - she puts on such a brave face, but you can tell she is in severe pain most of the time. She had her date for the op - 1st Sept - she was getting her life in order - work projects wrapping up, house taken care of, frozen meals in fridge - then she gets a phone call - due to swine flu the hospital is canceling all elective surgery so they have enough beds. I am not sure how they can call hip replacement 'elective' surgery - your hip is worn out, you are in pain - it is not like you are having a boob job, but there you have it, the wonderful public hospital system.

I wish there was something more I could do to help than being there for her to talk to if and when she needs to. I try to find good in all the bad, or positive in all the negative - but what lesson is life trying to teach her - she is the most caring and giving person and surely she deserves to be pain free.

This is one life lesson that I am going to have to ponder for a while, I hope I can find something to encourage her with - although knowing who she is, she will have already found that something and if she hasn't well she has my shoulder to lean on anytime she needs it.

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