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Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Moments In Time - Part 1

Remember when we met, you with your long blond hair, stunning blue eyes and kissable lips, in those tight white shorts with the cutest arse and those lucky legs (lucky they didn't break and stick up your arse - your words not mine).

Remember how our friendship grew, chatting while others played on the badminton court while we waited for our turn.

Remember how our friendship turned into something more, the flirting started, you with your fantasies about what was under my dress!! Me thinking about those kissable lips.

Remember our first date, me shopping with Mum for the perfect dress - red with a plunging V neck - wondering if it would be first and last date, after all I was a separated mother with stretch marks and responsibilities, you were single and fancy free.

Remember how you got an abscess on one of your teeth and nearly didn't come on our first date because you were embarrassed that your face was swollen - so glad you did, because if you hadn't I would have been hurt and probably wouldn't have said yes again.

Remember our awkwardness with each other as this was a date and not just 2 mates hanging out together, and we were at a ball with all the other badminton people and they all knew it was our first date and we felt watched.

Remember - well I do - the anticipation of that first kiss, would those lips be as soft as I thought they would be - and they were. That first kiss sealed it for me, my world stopped and I knew you were the one.

Remember some time later, our first night together (in the biblical sense) - it felt so right, so right that our child was conceived right there and then.

Remember when you thought it was all too much too soon and left me, remember how I was calm and okay with your decision - did you ever wonder why? It was because I knew you were mine and you would return, it only took 2 nights and you were back begging my forgiveness. But was there nothing to forgive - true love with your soul mate is overwhelming and frightening, it was all so soon and so new - all those feelings tumbling around in your heart and soul.

Do you ever stop to remember like I do, and does it warm your heart all over again that here we are still together 33 years later.


  1. So your parents love is gross - well babe just remember - without you wouldn't be here.

  2. I missed this post. It is so beautiful and I have always been so glad I introduced the two of you. xx



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