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Friday, July 2, 2010

Colours of Friday - Natural Yellows

Melissa at Suger Coat It's meme of Colours of Friday is on a small holiday, but I decided I needed some cheering up and what better colour to do that than yellow.

So here is yellow in all its natural glory (photos by me). Enjoy


  1. you take some really amazing photos. Incredible.

  2. Oh wow. I love your photos, and I love Colours of Friday.

  3. Yellow IS one of the loveliest colours, isn't it? Exquisite photos, thank you for sharing them.

  4. Thank you for that one....yellow is my very favourite colour (that is why I chose a yellow car) and it has cheered me up when I was feeling just a little bit blue. The photos are wonderful.

  5. Wow! Just beautiful Kakka. What a perfect way to keep the torch burning. Yellow is my favourite colour of many favourites!

  6. Good choice, yellow is my fave wall colour, have lounge, kitchen, family room, and back porch all in different sunny yellows.
    I really believe in colours making us feel a certain way, and yellow is happy :)



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