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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our New Kitchen and A Question

Finally after 33 years in our home (built in the 70s which is also when we moved in) we are getting a new kitchen. The old one is on its last legs and has been for years, but kitchens are expensive and so we have had to wait until now.

The area is not very large and so when we looked at Ikea kitchens we realised that the 600mm wide benches were too wide for us. This meant we had to go to a kitchen fabricator and obviously this increases the price.

The wall between the lounge and kitchen is being removed to open the space and I can not wait to move our house into the new century.

The first image is looking back into the kitchen from the lounge over the new breakfast bar, obviously there is not blank space to the left but that is were the door to the laundry is. The 2 white areas are windows on the external walls of the house.

We have chosen to go white - bright white acrylic benchtops with white gloss doors and drawer fronts, stainless steel under bench oven with a black ceramic cooktop. Our new fridge and microwave are also stainless steel. We are having glass splashbacks and this is were the question comes in - what colour? I am loving the thought of lime green or orange as a tribute to the 70s (given that those colours were huge in 70s kitchens in Aus - although our current old kitchen is neither of those colours). What do you think? Should I be brave and go bright or should I be careful and stay with white or frosted glass.

Kitchen is due to be started in mid August and will take 3-4 weeks to be functional, so not looking forward to cooking only microwave foods and doing the dishes in the bathroom or a bucket, but so pumped about finally having a new kitchen. Oh and did I mention, that the benchtops are being raised as well to help with my bad back? Maybe I will get back into cooking - or maybe not - who am I kidding, but doing the dishes will be helps easier and less strain on my back.


  1. How wonderful - oh, you won't know yourself with your new kitchen. I've seen some amazing glass splashbacks in a shade of green that could be both modern and a nod to your home's era - a splash of colour would be fabulous - even if it's only a strip of tiles on top of white.

    So excited for you!

  2. That's so exciting. LOVE seeing your plans. I'm boring and would be terrified of green as splashback but I have seen some pics with bright red ones which looked fabulous. I am sure it will look cool whatever way you go. And that's great about the raised benchtops. Good thinking.

  3. That's terrifIc and exciting :). The plans look and sound great. Definitely go thd colour splashback! I love the green, haven't seen the orange but I know what you mean as my parents still have a bright orange and dark brown kitchen :). We went a red splashback and am so happy we did, I love the bright colour in the kitchen space :).

  4. You will so love the improved kitchen. Just remember (stating the obvious) that as a woman you will spend a great deal of time in that room. The colour you pick will be with you for a long time and needs to be one that you will not get tired of. I like the suggestion of just a "splash" of colour. Maybe two colours so you can change your accessories.

  5. I can't wait to see how it turns out. We have to do ours yet! :)

  6. I'd definitely go with the lime green (fantastic colour if you get the shade right). I am so looking forward to seeing all your new cupboards etc and then the kitchen. It will be like moving into a new home without the bother of moving.

  7. How exciting - getting a new kitchen!
    Are you planning to stay there forever? If not think of re-sale - what would be appealing to the majority.
    But if you are going to stay there forever - go all out - do what your heart desires!

  8. Hooray for you!! Fabulous idea, a new kitchen.

    IMO colour is the way to go. I have not regretted for a SECOND my desire for a rich, deep red in our otherwise very muted kitchen. Go for green! ;)



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