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Saturday, July 24, 2010

There Was A Knock On The Door

Yesterday while visiting my eldest daughter and my youngest grand-daughter, there was a knock on the door. As my daughter was getting my little munchkin reading for her afternoon nap I answered. On the other side of the flyscreen was a young man who asked "Can I talk to the driver of the black MPS". I think he was a little taken aback when I said it was me, after all I am nearly 55 and a grandma.

The reason he wanted to talk to me was that he had seen my car had a sunroof and he wanted one for his red MPS and just wanted to find out where I got it done and could he look inside and see how it sat etc.

So there I was chatting to a young guy (around mid 20s) and his mate about my little black beauty and comparing notes with him about his. Apparently he had seen my car parked outside my daughter's home before and was just waiting for the opportunity for me to be there again. He also mentioned he has been my car driving on one of the major roads in Welshpool - that personalized number plate obviously is noticed.

My daughter thought it a little weird, but not me. I supposed it takes a rev-head to know another rev-head. And when you drive a Mazda MPS you notice the other on the road as there is not that many of them driving around.

Hopefully, this young man will now realise that enjoying a performance car is not just the will and right of the young - or only reserved for young men either!!


  1. Ooooooh! I didn't know you had this car! I love it! (I used to drive a Mazda MX5 before kids......a black one. I still miss her......)

  2. Heh, you made me curious so I had to google Mazda MPS. What do I know? I drive a Minivan! No, never to old. :-)

  3. Hear-hear to your final paragraph. You give us all hope, Kakka! I'm driving a safe and sensible Renault, no sporty about it. But comfortable? Where do I start?!

  4. Thanks ladies

    @Lucy - I looked at a new MX5 but realised with my back and knee I would not enjoy getting down so low - shame as they are beautiful cars. Loving my MPS though.

    @Wanderlust - one day you too will drive something sportier - I drove a station wagon when my kids were young.

    @Being Me - nothing wrong with Renaults - with all there hidden hidey holes.



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