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Friday, July 2, 2010

Farewell Dear Lady You Will Be Fondly Remembered

On Thursday, friends and family said goodbye to M. It gave me a chance to reminisce on the part that M played in my life.

She was my first mother in law. I met her when I was nearly 16 and she welcomed me into their home. Little did either of us realise that I would have a grandchild of hers about 18 months later. Nor that another 3 years later her son and I would no longer be together.

M always made me feel special, she once commented that I was a beautiful as the pictures on chocolate boxes - never understood that comment but she explained that back when she was a girl boxes of chocolates had girls with long curly hair printed on them.

M was a wonderful mother in law, especially for a girl having a child at 17 1/2. She loved my daughter and I have many wonderful memories of our times spent together. M never seemed to judge me, well at least not to my face. She always seemed more on my side than her son's when we were having troubles.

I know she was not necessarily appreciated by her other daughter in laws, but M, for the years you were my mother in law, I thank you for your support and love.

We lost contact over the years after her son and I divorced, but she was a loving and caring Nanna to my daughter.

It was hard to see her decline into dementia, even harder to see her near death. You will always be fondly remember M. May you rest in peace with your beloved Fitzy.

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