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Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Heavy Heart

This last week or so I have found my heart is heavy with sadness, and I find myself wiping tears from eyes at odd moments especially while watching the news and sometimes while reading other's blogs. I am sure that I am not alone in how I am feeling.

I weep for the lives lost in the floods over in Queensland and in South America.

I weep for the people of Haiti still living in the ruins of their country, 12 months after the earthquake.

I weep for the survivors of the flooding in Queensland, knowing that it will take months if not years to rebuild their homes and their lives, and that some will fall into the pit of despair having lost so much.

I weep for the 9 year old innocent girl caught up in a madman's shooting rampage and for her family left to live their lives without her.

I weep for Lori and Bump and Chop having lost so much so suddenly.

I can assure you I am not depressed but my heart is so heavy with pain for those with so much to bear. I wish there was some way I could help lift their burdens. I have donated where possible but I wish I could physically hold them all and tell them that there will be sunshine in their lives one day ... and I wish that I could guarantee that I could make the promise true.


  1. It is hard to reconcile isn't it....when our lives are going well and we have so much and the future looks good....and others are suffering and sad and hurt and lonely? All we can do is offer a kind word, a helping hand, a donation where we can afford it. One hundred years ago we would not have been aware of all the suffering and misery in the world. Thanks to our modern day media we now all have a global consciousness and for those of us with a tender heart, it is hard to bear. You have done what you can. You have shone your light. Pray for others (if you are so inclined) and then, let your heart be light and be thankful for your own blessings. Enjoy your life. You never know when it may be yourself that will need the prayers and assistance of others.

  2. My feelings mirror yours exactly. I have trouble getting my head around some of these tragedies, in Australia and in other countries. We may be living through a drought and find the days far too hot at times but we've not been snowed in, or flooded out nor lost our lives or those of loved ones. Unlike people who lived through horrific air raids during WW2 people in this day and age people can receive help from councellors which I hope helps in some small way. Many years ago they just 'had to get on with their lives' regardless of their loss or experiences". Nobody cared if children had nightmares and flashbacks to bombing raids and spending endless nights in undergroud shelters. Were they made of sterner stuff back then or did mankind not realise what an impact those events could have on some lives. We oldies hear of counselling these days and wonder why it wasn't available back then. I think it would have been an impossible task as so many thousands of lives were affected all round the world. Let's hope we never have to again see the horrors of war on that scale.



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