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Friday, January 14, 2011

Today and Tomorrow and Yesterday

Today Lori buried her soulmate. Today Lori buried the father of Bump and Chop. Today her blogging friends take a moment to support her.

Tomorrow and each and every tomorrow after, Lori will be walking as a mother without the other half that has completed her.

On some Tomorrow in the future, when little Bump and Chop are older, she will have to find the words to explain where their Dad has gone.

My heart breaks at the thought of all the Tomorrows you have to come, but in some small way I hope that some of the Yesterdays will sometime in the future, bring you joy ... joy from the memories that you and Tony created, joy when you watch Bump and Chop and know that even though you can not see him, that Tony is there in the very heart of your two gorgeous children.

Hugs from Perth xxx


  1. Beautiful words, K. Just beautiful. xx

  2. Yep, what Madmother said -- just beautiful.

  3. What a very poignant way to put it in words, K. xxx



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