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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yesterday - A Rollercoaster of Emotions - Who'd A Thunk

Yesterday (morning), all my troubles seemed so far away, how I long for yesterday .... WRONG (apologies to the Beatles for butchering their lyrics).

Well, yesterday started well, I woke and went to the pool. I came home and read some lovely blogs and wrote my Prettiness post. Something wonderful happened from that post, the gorgeous Mad Mother offered to share with me one of her beloved mother's teacups. I will tell you I cried tears of joy at her generosity. My recently heavy heart from earlier in the week was truly lifted by this.

and then IT happened and my day went to shit. I cried tears of pain, I felt my heart was being squeezed tightly with anger, I had to refrain myself from beating someone to death.

And now I sort of feel foolish. All this hurt, over something so insignificant, well not to me, but in the scheme of things ... Lori has lost her husband, Lulu and Amy have lost their lives ... and their families have lost so much. The Queensland flood victims have lost their homes and so much more. But I still feel hurt, because I really am.

So what happened, well you may remember me blogging (on my other blog) about the beautiful climbing rose that is outside my Study window. The one that comforts me, has inspired me, is a resting and feeding place for many birds, the one covered in tiny little pink flowers, the one that shade my Study from the hot afternoon sun, the one that gave me privacy from the neighbours. Well it is now a pile of sticks, not pruned, but butchered by my neighbour's son. You see, a lot of the stems and branches leaned over their side of the fence (and it seems when I say a lot I mean most), and by law, they can cut them. They even asked my hubby if it was okay if they took a little off the rose - not too much the guy said ... and now I can't open my Study blinds for the stark reality of what he is done is like I knife to my heart.

If I keep the blinds closed and then position them just right (they are verticals so slide sideways) I can still see the little green bit left on our side of the fence ... I hope that the birds will still come and visit ... but the rest well it is now gone. My hubby assures me it will shoot and come back to its glory ... but I am not so sure.

I apologize to those who have lost so much for the trivial nature of my loss ... but it still hurts.


  1. It will not only come back, it will be even more glorious!

    We have always had roses in our garden and I grew up with Wise Woman making Grumblebum hack them ruthlessly back every couple of years. And the beauty that would burst forth from that brutal pruning... just have a little patience my friend. You will see it will be alright.

  2. As a fellow rose-lover I feel your pain. But I also agree with MadMother - it'll come back next year even more glorious {and remind you to keep an eye on where it's going over the fence! Goodness!!}.

    Enjoy your cuppa in your beautiful cup when it arrives, what a lovely gesture x



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