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Thursday, January 20, 2011

This Post Is Bought To You By Mad Max ... the maddest kitten ever

Not long before Christmas we welcome the newest member of our long list of much loved pets to our home. His name is Max (Mad Max when he is hooning around the house running up walls). I had to name him with a M name, for if you look at his forehead there is an M right there in his markings.

You may ask why we got another kitten, well our old cat is now 17, he is like a family member, but 17 is old for a cat and I know that we he leaves this mortal coil, my hubby and I will mourn him very very much. In fact, I was worried that it would be enough to push my hubby back into his depression. So I thought, if we had another cat that when Jarmie passed away that at least we would have another pet to lavish with our love.

So enter Max, an 11 week old moggy, who was supposedly the quiet one of his litter. Imagine my surprised when his Mad side emerged within mere hours of him entering our house. I kid you not, he runs so fast he skids around corners, he loves climbing up scratching post and running like a loon through his tunnel. He chases balls, and dust bunnies, and flies, he eats alfoil (once when there was a tiny bit that fell on the floor) - it was in his mouth before you could do anything. He loves knocking pens off our desks and running around with them in his mouth.

Compared to Jarmie he is a flea, but he body slams Jarmie while he is sleeping, wrapping his front legs around Jarmie's neck and chewing on his ear. It is like a mouse poking a bear - but he doesn't care. For the first few weeks, Jarmie was very gentle with Max, he is getting a little rougher when they play, but he knows Max is so much smaller that he doesn't hurt him. Max on the other hand has no respect for Jarmie's age - hence the pouncing on Jarmie, ambushing him around corners and lots of other fun and games.

But the thing I love most about Max, he loves cuddles, he demands you sit down and stroke him and if you stop before he is ready, he meows at you until your start stroking him again.

He also has the cutest little tummy, see for yourself.

He so wants to go outside, but this is a close as I want him
as I know he is going to be a great hunter

This is him in my clean washing just moments after I bought it in from the line, put the basket down
for a mo and turned my back to do something else. He was quite annoyed
when I made him get out so I could put the washing away.

Oh and one other thing - he loves to help my hubby with his drumming.


  1. You can see from his ears and face he has some oriental in him. Abyssinian I would guess - having had one.

    He is beautiful.

    Is it a concern that my verification word is nooke?

  2. What a beauty. They are so much fun aren't they?

  3. Hi MM - his mother is 1/2 Abyssinian, or so I am told.
    He certainly has the oriental look about him and his long lithe body and beautiful long tail are also Aby traits I believe.



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