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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Lioness

As a mother, from the moment you give birth, there is a strong sense of defending and protecting your child from everything at all times. Much like a lioness protecting her clubs - sometimes from the pride (family) itself.

The lioness within me has always been strong, my children (and now grandchildren) are the most important things in my life. I will always try and protect them at all costs. That sometimes means defending them to and from other members of our pride - the lion, the other cubs and the older lions still with us.

Trying to be the defender of all especially when it is within the pride itself is an interesting exercise. Sometimes the defence of one may cause harm to another, not the best outcome and not always what is intended. But being the lioness within the pride means that often you know more than the lion, the other cubs and the older lions, as you are trusted with secrets and truths sometimes to painful to share with anyone but the mother lion herself.

That is not to say that the lioness can not occasionally expose her claws to her young, even the most even-tempered lioness can be pushed to her limits (and that surely is not me). She also must instill a sense of right in her cubs and sometimes this means some tough love must be dealt out.

But there is one thing that this lioness is confident in, her cubs know how much she loves them, and how much she would move heaven and earth to make their lives perfect.

Even now my cubs are all grown into proud and strong members of the pride, this lioness will have their backs and that of their children. She will always be their defender, with her lion at her side.

All know that the lion may think he is the king because of his brute strength and ability to provide but it is the lioness that holds the real power, for it is she that holds the keys to the lion's heart and tempers his strength with her compassion and love.

So my cubs, be kind to each other and yourselves, each of you (male and female) has inherited this lioness' strength, compassion and love for it was instilled into you from birth. I see the way you protect those you love and I am proud.

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  1. After reading about the power of your protection as the lioness in your pride (and I know the truth of that) I am beginning to think that I possibly failed with fully protecting my pride against everything that could happen to them. Did I protect my young that well?? Only they could answer that and I think I'd dread to know the answer they would give.
    Never having had grandparents or relations other than a mother, father and brother, I wonder did I have sufficient experience to do a good job when it came my turn to be a lioness?
    You have given me food for thought although, unfortunately, there is little I can do now to make amends if I did, in fact, fail.



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