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Friday, September 2, 2011

Healthy Gardens - One of our frogs

Hubby was out reorgansing his orchids the other day when I heard him shout - bring the camera.

Every year we find a couple of lovely frogs hiding somewhere in the orchids. Here is the latest one - isn't he a beauty?

I am sure he is smiling in one photo - happy little frog!

Motorbike Frog - Litoria moorei

Find our more about frogs of WA here - click on the frog sound button and enjoy the chorus we regularly hear in our backyard.


  1. Oh my, I am not a frog fan by any means, but he is gorgeous!

  2. He is just beautiful. I am jealous. And that sort of beauty would look right at home in your orchids.

  3. Oh how beautiful. We used to have one living in our pot plants a few years back but not any more and I do so miss the cheerful sound we used to hear I think one particularly hot summer lost us our frog. They are said to be a sign of a healthy environment so seems you are doing the right thing in your garden. I love frogs but you can keep the toads.

  4. I'm always happy when I find frogs in our garden.

  5. Karen, sorry to bug you here. Would you mind emailing me (melissa.mitchell@live.com.au) as soon as possible. I don't know your email address, don't have on on Twitter or FB). Sorry to do that on a weekend. Semi urgent.



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