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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

My sinuses are on overdrive at the moment and Spring is only just officially blooming.

Every day I walk into our house after work and all I can smell is Jasmine, it is having the best blooming season ever and my sinuses are not impressed. The flowers are stunning, and the scent is heady but maybe not a good garden plant for me.

Still it is staying, it has grown so lusciously over the old tree stump in our backyard that I can not bear to kill it off. Look at all those buds just waiting for burst forth.

Happy Spring Days, my sympathies if you suffer like I do!!


  1. It looks lovely but I'm afraid I would be uprooting it...I am scent sensitive. Pretty isn't worth feeling like a bag of dirt during blooming season.

  2. Uprooting Jasmine is easier said than done. I too am scent sensitive and five years later the jasmine is still trying hard to grow. You have to give it credit as a survivor I guess. I love to look at it - from a distance. We now grow hardenbergia where once jasmine would have had free reign.
    Lovely, lovely time of year though.

  3. I'm a sinus sufferer from way back but strangely Autumn is my worst season. Feel your pain, hope you stop the dreaded sniffles soon x

  4. I love spring but do get hay fever. Thankfully mine isn't too bad. My sympathies to everyone who suffers.

  5. That is truly beautiful....wattle does it for me and dandelions too. Hay fever can be a real nuisance when my eyes, ears and nose all itch. I am like you though I'd put up with something that beautiful even though it caused an allergic reaction.



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