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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Elephant In The Room

Last week in my PMT on Steroids post, I mentioned my teddies and my elephant with pink spots and promised to tell you about her.

Now I am not a big hoarder of toys, but I do have 3 teddies and a pink rabbit, which are not from my childhood, and my latest addition is my elephant.

When my littlest grand-daughter was born, her Mum and Dad lived in Sydney, on the East Coast of Australia, a 4 hour flight from here.

I was determined to build the same connection to her as I have with my eldest grand-daughter and so there were many flights across to visit after she was born. In fact I racked up a fair few frequent flier points in the year before they moved back to Perth.

Each time I was over there, I would take my daughter shopping for baby things at one of the big baby shops. Lot of practical things were purchased and the odd fun item. On one visit I spied this cute and cuddly (so soft that even I loved cuddling it) elephant with pink spots. It had the cutest little face and I could not resist buying it for my littlest munchkin. She still plays with her elephant nearly 3 years later.

So imagine my delight when out buying some baby gifts for one of my staff members, when I spied this little elephant all the way over here in Perth. I couldn't resist - again!!! And so she now shares the chair with the teddies.

My grand-daughter saw her the other day and wanted to know how her elephant had got to my place - lol.

We are never too old to cuddle a teddy, or in this case an elephant!!

Could you resist this cute face and cheeky smile??


  1. There's one elephant you don't mind having in the room.

  2. What a complete cutie. And a lovely story. Thanks.

  3. What a gorgeous elephant. I'd probably have to buy one for Girl Child.



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