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Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm Still Here

Thanks to @mybabyjohn and @the elephant's child for checking on me during my absence, and to my youngest daughter and her girlfriend Kam for taking the time to see if I am okay as they have missed my blog posts. Love you all xxx

The quick low down is that I am battling my arthritis at the moment, and nothing I do seems to be improving my pain levels at great deal. However, the trigger point acupuncture that the physio is doing, is releasing some of my muscle pain and I am confident that over time this will continue to help.

I don't really want to blog endlessly about how bad I am feeling so that is the reason I have not been here much. Nor do I feel inspired to be here when I feel so low.

But I love that people care, it makes me cry a little but in a good way - if you know what I mean.

Now to put a funny spin on the day I would like to share some photos of funny face (aka my younger daughter). Funny face tends to pick up your camera when you are not around and take photos for you to find at a later date. These are from a few years ago, but I found them again recently. Now I haven't asked her permission, but hey, I'm sure she won't mind. The first 5 she left on my eldest daughter's camera and the last 4 on mine - all on the same day.

And these two show you how beautiful she is when she is not pulling funny faces.


  1. Love the pics and so happy to see you back in blog land! I was wondering where you got to as well! Are you in twitter? Was trying to find you on there...

    Hoping you are happy and healthy soon enough xxx

  2. Welcome back. You was missed. Loved the photos of your daughter and granddaughter. And if you need to complain I am happy to listen. Hugs.
    I am glad that the pain is at least starting to subside.

  3. So sorry you are having a tough time with the arthritis. Hope the pressure points continue to help.
    Nice to see the baby photo...what a little cutie.
    Hang in there girl and by all means blog about how you are feeling. Sometimes it can help.

  4. Love those pics of B...that is just her!! I had been checking your blog daily but knowing how you are at present I realised why you'd not been blogging. Like me you just don't want to appear to be grizzling all the time about aches and pains but when they become a large part of your life it is often difficult to concentrate on much else. I so enjoyed our chat this afternoon so thanks so much for ringing me. Love you. xxxx

  5. Arthritis pain is disableing .i think worse than childbirth .wonderful photos .of daughter and grandaughter love xxxxx



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