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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sharing Some Bloggy Love

Sharing some bloggy love again today, snippets of blog posts I have loved over the past week. If you haven't already seen them, pop over and share some love too.

Tenille from Help Mum - is taking my language with rhubarb and yoghurt muffins, I love rhubarb.

Delores from The Feathered Nest has a couple of posts that really spoke to my heart, here is one and here is the other. Delores is one of the most prolific bloggers on my blog list, and she is always worth a visit.

Now you know I love Beth at BabyMac and this Vlog of hers, well it says what all of us think about anonymous commenters - don't be scared by Beth's face before you press play, she really keeps her cool while telling it like it is. Way to go Beth.

This post at Jemikaan is worth a visit. It touches my heart in many ways, her journey feels so familiar to me. It questions how much we should share here in cyberspace. But if it was not for us putting it out there, would we make the connections that in some small way sometimes helps us move forward? Her follow up post is also worth a read.

Kirrily at Sunny Side Up reposted from 2008 - I am so glad she did. I don't want to give anything a way, so pop on over and have a read.

and last but in no way least Joan from Anything Fits A Naked Man asks a question that all of us should contemplate.


  1. Well, you just made my day, Kakka!! Thanks! And for the record, I think you (and your awesome blog) totally ROCK!!

  2. Oh K! I didn't expect to be here in this list. I'm very honoured to make the grade today xxx

  3. Thank you for those kind words Kakka.

  4. Kakka - was just over at Tenille's blog and saw your avatar as a baby crayfish. Laughed by head off because whenever I see your name on my blog I think of an undersized cray (spot the girl who spends her summers in a crayfishing town....)



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