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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

le Tour de France - Our Time

And so another Tour de France ends, Cadel Evans puts on a good show but fails to win back to back championships.  Bradley Wiggins wins the Championship, a first for England.  Thomas Voeckler while claiming the King of the Mountains, also claims the title of the most interesting face of cycling, the grimaces that flash across his face as he pushes up those mountain stages are a sight to behold.  Peter Sagan wins the Sprinter's Green Jersey and if this year is anything to go by, he will be a GC champion of the future.

I am sad to see the Tour end, I love Phil Liggett's and Paul Sherwens commentary, I love the French countryside and the images of the peleton train stretched out along the road while they power forward to catch the break-aways.  I love the quirky displays the little french towns put on while the peleton races past.  I love the thrill of seeing the cyclist's traverse the narrow streets and the many sharp corners, the steep descents and torturous ascents and those huge round-a-bouts where the peleton spilt and rejoin.

I was impressed this year by the spirit of sportsmanship shown by the riders when the peleton 'sat up' to allow Cadel Evans and others to rejoin after someone threw carpet tacks on the road and caused countless punctures.

Most of all though, I will miss watching it with my hubby.  We have very different tastes in TV shows and le Tour is about the only sporting event that both of us watch together.  So for 3 weeks of the year, we sit down at 8.30 p.m. and share an hour or two in front of the telly (longer on weekends).  We chat about the race, yelling at the idiots who run on the road, we laugh together when Phil gets something wrong in his commentary, we rewind bits to check out the crashes (and weren't there a lot this year??) and we cheer for all the Aussies, and for all the breakaways trying to stay clear of the thundering peleton.

So now le Tour has finished and hubby and I go back to our normal nightly routines, me in my study and him in his ... a little sad really.  Viva le France, Viva le Tour can't wait till you are back next year.


  1. Oh 8.30 - that's a civilised time to start - it doesn't start screening till 10pm over here. I'll miss it too. For all the reasons you've stated. I think i need to go back again and see it in person...

  2. Isn't it strange how people have such different likes and dislikes. Cycling is one sport Pop and I rarely watch...maybe just the finishing stages of the race; the last 15 minutes or so. It's great that you both have something that you can enjoy together.

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