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Thursday, July 26, 2012

So What Do You Do To Cheer Yourself Up?

Well I go shopping for handbags it seems.  Went to the doctors this morning about my bung knee, she was not happy Jan and is really worried about my inflammatory arthritis ... so off this afternoon for xrays on knees, ankles and feet.  Should that be cankles?  My ankles are so swollen (so are my feet and knee) from the arthritis it is a little scary.  Good news though was my blood pressure was 123/76, woo hoo.

So, feeling a little flat, I decided to take my worn out body for a quick shopping trip, and just because I can, I went to Strandbags looking for some luggage (I will blog about that soon).  They didn't have what I wanted, but they did have the most divine buttercup yellow handbag ... it called my name from across the shop and just jumped into my hand.  It was fate I am telling you.

Now while purchasing said bag, I spied a laptop bag that was so beautiful it just had to be mine.  Black embroidered and embossed leather, 3 compartments, just to die for.  So I bought that too.  Well tomorrow is my birthday after all!!!

It wasn't until I got home that I realised I had bought a Kardashian bag - horror of horrors, but it is just so beautiful, I can ignore that, and just hope no one else notices.

See, isn't it something to covert???

The photo just doesn't do the colour justice, it has a black gusset underneath the bag
and black handles and shoulder strap.

The offending brand - lol 
Lovely yellow accents inside the bag
And 3 compartments - bliss

How divine is this laptop bag, my Mac is going to be so happy tucked up inside.

Embroidered and embossed leaves and flowers - so gorgeous and this
photo does not do it justice in any way.


  1. I have heard the name Kardashian but I didn't know they were in the fashion biz....nice bag....shouldn't matter who made it.

  2. Ah my favourite colour!! Didn't see any yellow bags when I was in Strandbags Bull Creek a couple of weeks back. I bought a sort of reddish/purple one which I love. Not sure what is wrong with the name Kardashian but it certainly doesn't spoil that lovely bag you bought. Aren't they a race on Star Trek or somewhere? Oh boy I obviously don't keep up with gossip these days!!! I'll ask you about it when we meet for your birthday lunch today. See you soon. Hope you are having a great day already. xxx



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