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Sunday, July 22, 2012

ReadyAnytime Ad & Pitching a Tent

Now I know that impotency is not to be laughed at, I fully support people getting treatment if this happens to be an issue to them.  I imagine it would be a horrible thing to have happen at any age.

I have to question though the message in the ReadyAnytime ad that we have seen time and time again over the last three weeks while watching the le Tour.

Hubby and I have sat there with bemused looks on our faces as we try and work out the analogy (subliminal message) in this ad.

So if you haven't seen the ad, it starts with a man and a women gardening, she bumps into him, looks at him lovingly and brushes something out of his hair, then they start putting up a tent, walking over a bridge, suddenly they are in countryside outside the tent that they were pitching in their garden.

So I assume that the reference is to the whole 'tent thing' that can happen in bed first thing in the morning in summer under the sheet (well at our house anyway).  But I am still struggling to be sure that this is the ad's message, and if I was a man, I am not sure that this would inspire me to buy their meds.

Does anyone else struggle with the messages in ads?

Again, I know that impotence is not a funny thing, but hubby and I are beginning to think that this will be our new code phrase for sex.  Hi honey, you want to pitch a tent with me?

On a serious note, if you have erection problems and need help, please seek it, here is the link to the website.


  1. I read during the commercials lol.

    1. @mybabyjohn - lol indeed and not sure in Canada you get the same ads as us.

  2. I know: WHAT DOES IT MEAN? I too have spent weeks pondering it. Weird. And then the bridge? Getting over it? Aarrrrggghhhhh.

    1. @PPMJ, I just knew you would be watching too - it was an eventful le Tour this year. I suppose it is a good thing we are not the demographic for the ad, but then maybe we are as it is more likely at a woman's (wife's) urging that a man would get treatment I think. Aarrrggghhh indeed - lol



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