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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tea for Two and T2 for tea

I think there is a song lyric that goes something like 'tea for two and two for tea', heavens knows if I'm right or not.  But it seemed like good title for this post, even though I butchered it a bit!!

The back-story to this post, and doesn't every post need a good back-story when it is about something that could be as mundane as tea??

I was going to go to Blogopolis in Sydney, bought the ticket and everything.  I ended up not going for a few reasons and was happy to donate my ticket to a friend of my daughter.  Jokingly I said something like 'don't forget to bring me back the bag full of goodies'.  Well I did get some goodies - a delicious box of Haigh chocolates and a little box of T2 teabags as a thank you from Veronica.

Now a couple of years ago, I had shared a pot of T2's Rooibus loose leaf tea with the lady who was doing my massages at that time.  It was a little bit yummy, but the nearest T2 stores are a fair distance from my place and the closest one was at a shopping centre in Perth that I loathe, so I didn't look any further.  Little did I know you could by T2 teas online ... seriously why did I  not think to google it?

So the little box of a selection of teas was taken to work and I have enjoyed sipping on cups of Gorgeous Geisha, French Earl Grey, Red Fancy Fruits, and most recently Melbourne Breakfast tea (all of which I have drunk black).   I was so inspired with the French Earl Grey that I went online (yes I saw the address on the box) and ordered myself some teabags.  
Downloaded this image from their website so not high quality as the box is still at work.

What I really love is that these teas are loose leaf tea in a little shiny bag, not like some teabags that look like the sweepings of the floor.  That's right, they are the loose leaf variety that you can also buy from T2 for your teapot but in this cute little bag.  Sure they don't have the full range in tea bags, but hey, the teabag range still covers a lot of great sounding (and tasting) teas.

What I love even more is that I got free shipping (yes I had to spend a certain amount, but that wasn't hard - lol) and that their marketing is fabulous. 

Look at the gorgeous postage bag, look at the gorgeous box, look at the lovely foil lined bags full to the brim with gorgeous tea.

This is not a sponsored post, but hey T2 people, if you see this and want to send me some Melbourne Breakfast tea, I will be jumping for joy!!!   Only tried the Melbourne breakfast after I had ordered the others and it is divine.

I ordered the Lemongrass and Ginger without trying them as they are two flavours I love, and they did not disappoint, even the smell when I opened the bag had my taste buds zinging.

Don't you just love a good cup of tea?  

Cool black postage bag
Great box with magnetic closing on the flap

Bursting at the seems with gorgeously flavoured tea bags - yum
My arty tea bag shot, worthy of being on their website don't you think ?

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