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Friday, October 26, 2012

A New Rooster in the Henhouse

Meet the newest addition to our garden ... Roger.

Isn't he a beauty??  

I hope Roger manages to keep his brilliance in this hot summer, I know that I shall enjoy his company when wandering in the garden.

He joins my 2 African Storks and Hoot the fairy garden owl.  I'm loving adding more than just plants to our garden.  Do you have any garden art?

Thanks for popping by xxx


  1. Lovin' the rooster. It reminds me of my Mom. She had sunflowers and roosters in her kitchen. Garden art? Well, I do have a cement rabbit when I remember to put it out.

  2. Mmmm I do like him. You are fortunate in having such a lovely back garden. It is always a delight to sit out there when we visit.



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