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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Vagina Monologues (well my version anyway)

Does anyone else out there, get a little freaked out when you get the letter that your Pap Smear is overdue from the Department of Health?  Maybe it is just a WA thing, but I kind of freaks me out that a random government computer knows more about my vagina than I do!!

And then there are the reminders about mammograms - I just hope it is the same random government computer as the one about my pap smear, I mean just imagine if it is a whole bank of government computers knowing about my lady parts!!!  Horror : )

But on a serious note, do you keep your regular check ups in your diary, does your doctor's surgery remind you or do you just fly by the seat of your pants with these things, which is what I do.  I wait until I get the reminders and then make the appointments, although my doctor's surgery also sends me a reminder as well so it is hard to forget them.

So the appointment is made and hopefully, fingers crossed the results are all clear.

And just so I can share a little more, but not about me, my daughter's doctor has Aspergers (well we are pretty sure she does) and she gives a monotone monologue account of what she is doing and when my daughter was re-enacting the whole experience to me on the phone last night I nearly wet myself laughing.  At least my doctor is a little more laid back about what she is doing down there.

Thanks for popping by xxx

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  1. Sad to say I behave a little like a child over these things - you know the 'I didn't hear you until you called me for the fourth time'. I do have pap smears reasonably regularly, but have so far managed to avoid a mammogram. Which is silly and wrong.
    I feel for your daughter - if it could make you nearly wet yourself, how must it have been at the time. And few doctors like to be laughed at.



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