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Monday, October 8, 2012

All My Friends Are Getting Married ...

... well not all my friends!  But tomorrow is my Dad's wedding day.  Finally after 35 years living together my Dad and his girlfriend are tying the knot.  Not bad for 80 and 71 years old.

I wasn't invited to the wedding and found out via my Dad's girlfriend, all of which initially made me very sad, but I am going to be there, I didn't give them a choice and I hope they have many happy years in front of them.

Congratulations Dad and Pam xxx


  1. No real comment! I can only hope they are as happy in the future as they've been in the past. You are wonderful deciding to go to the ceremony after not receiving an invitation. I hope it all goes well. Will be thinking of you and remember I love you. xxx

  2. Hope all goes well, and wow - what prompted the change of heart after so long?

    1. Dad got really sick a couple of month's ago, then they started worrying that my brother might contest the Will so by getting married they are avoiding that. Mind you I don't think they need have worried but I can understand their concern, and lets face it, if she can put up with my Dad for that long she deserves the house!!

    2. Ah, nothing makes you re-evaluate faster than facing your mortality.


  3. Well congratulations to them.....hope the ceremony goes well.

  4. You have an amazingly big heart, K.

  5. Good for you, Karen. I agree with Kristin (When don't I?). You're a wonderful woman with a warm, loving heart. I hope it goes well and you all feel happy at the end of the day.

  6. I love that you are going and can only join with everyone else in wishing them (and you) well. Hugs.



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