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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Restoring My Faith In People

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of meeting up with my beautiful friend Robyne, she has been a friend to me for around 41 years!  We see less of each other now, in fact it has been 12 months since we last met up and shared a meal together, but our friendship is such that we just fall back into talking to each other like we only saw each other the day before.

We have vowed to try and see each other more regularly, but we both work and have lots of other commitments, so if it doesn't happen, neither of us will get offended because that's how we roll.

So after a delicious meal at Bistro Guillaume at the Crown Metropol (used to be Burswood) of French Onion Soup and a whole (deboned) Whiting served with some fancy French chips and the most delicious bread and real butter, we sat around and chatted for a while before heading off home.

[Okay I know I am not the best food blogger, but you have to try this restaurant, it is divine, from the decor to the meals and especially the service ... I give it 5 stars, lets hope it stays that way]

Now Robyne's daughter had dropped her off so I was driving her home, it is sort of on the way and gave us more time to chat!  So we paid for our parking ($20!! now that's gone up with the new name) we headed to the exit.  But I somehow dropped the ticket down between the seat and the console and no amount of moving my seat, using various pens and other thin objects could I get the ticket that would allow us to exit.

To add to the stress, some ignorant woman pulled up behind me and yelled at me to reverse so she could get out.  Not sure where she wanted me to reverse to, as she was behind me and there was a car behind her.  I nearly told her I would reverse right up her Jaxie if she wasn't careful.

But I remained calm, and pushed the intercom button on the exit machine, told them my problem and asked them to help, to which the stupid man replied ...

Oh we can't do anything if you don't have a ticket!!!  Seriously????  He repeated this four times - really helpful dude - NOT.

And all the while the line was getting longer and the woman behind me looked like she was going to kill me.  Someone even started tooting!

So I asked if I could just put my credit card in the machine and pay again, so he says yes, and then asks did it work ... Of course it didn't you idiot, the card won't fit in the slot.  So we go back to, well I can't do anything if you don't have a ticket.  SERIOUSLY DUDE IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE THERE IS GOING TO BE PARKING LOT RAGE.

Then two pedestrians came to my rescue, they just walked over and said ... Let us help, we have long skinny arms and hands, and I was like WHAT???  But they got down on their hands and knees and one held her iPhone (on the torch app) and other nearly crawled under my seat and with lots of puffing and huffing she finally held up the ticket.  I nearly kissed her on the spot.  And without further ado, or the chance to adequately thank them, they picked up their stuff and walked off.

These gorgeous young woman, dressed in black jeans and black shirts, with spiky black hair, arms covered with tattoos and lots of piercings, restored my faith in their generation.  I always try not to judge a book by it's cover, but I am human and so often fail.  But this really bought home that message.

And I really should ring the Crown Metropol and tell them about the end of my evening and their really unhelpful man on the other end of the intercom, but seriously I just can't be bothered.

p.s I'm off to hospital to have my back injections so I have schedule this post.

Thanks for popping by, hope you are having a great week xxx


  1. Oh. Oh, I'm so glad that they helped you! I want to cry. *I* want to hug them! What lovely girls.

    As for the man on the intercom, Ugh. We had one of them when I lost my ticket at the parking garage at the Palliative Care hospital when Mum had one of her surgeries. Seriously, it was the worst day. And the man over the intercom was SO rude. I couldn't believe that they wouldn't have more empathy for the people. No single person parking there could be there for a good reason.

    Anyway, it worked out but I was so grumpy. I wish I'd thought to threaten to drive up someone's jaxie! (That made me laugh - trying to picture). :)

    Hope the needles are ok, and you're not in too much pain. I have my Dr's appt tomorrow. I've been avoiding him because I know we have to schedule the injections. Never mind that I'm in pain and can't sleep. It's pain I 'know'. Does that make sense?

    1. Oh Melissa, that is horrible, I just can't believe they can say, sorry without a ticket, I mean how was I going to get another ticket? And sweetie see if you can get the injections done under twilight sleep, it was so much more humane than the ones I had done just under a local. xxx

  2. I am so pleased that it turned out OK in the end. Lovely young women with their skinny little arms. I will try not to hate skinny women any more. Not that I do - envy is closer to it.
    Your friend that you see only every so often? I have one of them. I think it is probably two years since I have seen her and I KNOW that if we meet up, it will be like yesterday. The best sort of friends.
    I hope the hospital jaunt (not) goes well/went well.

    1. Hi EC, yes please try to admire those skinny little arms, they do come in handy in a rescue attempt - lol.

      Hope you catch with your friend soon, they are the best type of friends - true friends. x xx

  3. I am so glad you got back together with Robyne as I feel the two of you do each other a lot of good.
    Top marks to those two helpful young women but what a fiasco. I really feel you should take the time to let the people in charge know what happened particularly as it is obviously a place that once you are there there is no reversing or turning around. Perhaps it is since I aged that I feel we should speak up whenever we feel we have been mistreated in any way at all.
    We have been out today but I intend to ring you shortly to see how you are after those injections although perhaps it is too soon to know the ultimate result. Fingers and everything crossed that it will have a good outcome.xxx

    1. It was a great night Mum even with the crappy ending and we are going to try and catch up prior to Christmas. xxx

  4. More injections? You are so brave. Fingers crossed that they do the trick.

    1. Thanks D, I am so desperate for a relief from this pain so I can travel to lovely places like Canada and Alaska that I am trying everything. And these were under twilight sleep, which is a huge bonus. xxx

  5. Isn't it amazing what one gesture of kindness can do? It can change the tempo of your whole day. A lesson we should all heed. x

    1. Hi K, yes it is, there was no way I could have got down on my knees or even got my hand into the small area where the ticket had fallen and here were these two strangers who just jumped in to help. xxx



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