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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blog Award

Melissa over at at The Things I'd Tell You passed this award onto me - Thanks Melissa.

I have to list 10 things that you would not know about me (although most of the people who read my blog are my family so this will probably not be news to them) so here goes:

1. I hate cockroaches but I love snakes, not a big fan of spiders but they don't freak me out like cockroaches do.

2. My favourite TV shows are SciFi - Dr Who, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate and all of the Star Treks but especially Next Gen and Voyager, or vampire based Buffy, Angel and Moonlight or horror crimes - Bones, Criminal Minds. Don't like sweet stuff like Packed to the Rafters.

3. I love reading horror stories by Dean Koontz and Stephen King - but I can not watch horror movies as they scare me to death - go figure.

4. I have a phobia about being bitten by a shark - I can not swim in the ocean because of this phobia - I even struggle if fishing from a boat - Jaws (even the book) scared the crap out of me (ironically it was the first movie my hubby took me to see when we started dating - I sent most of the night with my hand over my eyes). I can look at them on TV and in the aquariums but I can not swim in the ocean for fear of being bitten - I know weird.

5. I am scared of the dark - yep even now - especially if we are in the country with no street lights - absolutely terrifies me (probably because of the horror books I love).

6. When I am blue I need to shop - I normally don't like shopping but retail therapy - especially big purchases like lounge suites or furniture make me happy - hence my hubby is really happy that I don't get blue too often.

7. I can't wear perfume, even sitting next to someone with perfume gives me a headache - I used to be able to wear it, but over the last 20 years my allergies have gotten a lot worse - it is the one thing I miss.

8. I have a fear of dentists - an incident when I was young has never left me - even as an adult I can not put that fear away and I need to learn how to - maybe hypnotherapy.

9. I am a hoarder and my house is always a mess. I pile things on flat surfaces. It is just me - I would rather be doing other things than housework, hence I panic when people are coming over. The dishes are always done and stuff like that, but books, papers, DVDs, boxes - just stuff is everywhere.

10. I have overactive tear ducts (well that is my excuse) - I cry at the drop of a hat - TV commercials, news stories, when I am angry, don't ask me to give a speech at a wedding/birthday etc - for then there will be sobbing - it is so embarrassing.

Now I have to nominate some bloggers to pass this award on to, which is hard as I don't follow a large number of blogs and most of them have already won awards recently but here are a few:

So back at Melissa - but she doesn't have to do it again - Melissa has opened the world of blogging to me as I find new blogs all the time from hers.

Then there is Madmother - but she has also been nominated by Melissa (lol) - really love a daily dose of Madmother

There is Amanda at Amanda's Musing - a beautiful young Mum who I have known since her teens

Christie at Childhood 101 - my eldest daughter's award winning blog, I am so proud of her.

Robin at Visbal Family - this family is doing it tough, but I love Robin's honesty

Alliecat at A Beautiful Pea Green Boat - I am new to Allie's blog but loving what I am finding there - oh and she has just won the Honest Scrap Blog Award so pop on over and read 10 things about her too (hey Allie you don't have to blog again unless you choose too)

Donna aka as the 70s Housewife - Donna was one of the first blogs I found, she went missing for a while through a hacker - so glad she is back - you can find her at 5by40

And last but by no means least Down To Earth - the Aussie blog about all things green, organic and healthy including how to bake beautiful bread from scratch - lots of great things.


  1. Thank goodness - someone with overactive tear ducts like mine! I actually drip tears when I lay on my side at night (true), makes me the perfect contact lens wearer as they never dry out.

    And I am not mentioning the fact that some of the old Telstra ads make them seem to leak badly...

  2. Cockroaches freak me out, and I love snakes too!
    LOVE Stargate and Star Trek, particularly TNG. Never got into Voyager, but would like to. Criminal minds is my 2nd favourite show on TV. I'm going to pretend it has nothing at all to do with Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan).
    I hate swimming in the ocean too, but it is jellyfish that terrify me.

  3. Thanks for your nomination. I'll do my ten this week. If only you and Mum lived in the same state, she is addicted (and Johnathan) to all forms of stargate and star trek, they watch the old stargate whenever theres nothing on tv.

  4. Hey thanks! I might skip the ten list, but I do love reading other nominations and finding new blogs!

    I'm not great with cockroaches, but I'll take a dozen over spiders any day of the week!

    Mmm I think I have overactive tear ducts too, yep, gonna use that one from now on!



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