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Monday, December 28, 2009

A New Decade Dawning

Totally scary to think that in less than a week we are entering a new decade. Remember all the scary Y2K nonsense back when this decade began? Lots of things have happened to the world in the last 10 years - financial meltdown, more poverty, more people living on the streets, more people hungry, more greenhouse gases, more global warming, more pollution. Can the next decade bring us change for the better. Can we stop being such a consumer society, can we reduce our footprint on the environment, can we reach out to those less fortunate, can we finally have peace everywhere in the world. I would like to think we can, but even with my glass half full life philosophy, I am not so sure that it will ever happen. It would take a major shift in the mind of every single one of us to make that sort of change. So as the new decade starts I'm going to try ... will you join me?

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