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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Darkness comes and wraps me in its dark soothing blanket

The silence of night creeps into my soul revitalising with its nothingness

Moonlight creeps across my bed, running silver fingers through my hair

The heat subdued by the chill, gentle nightime breezes

Leave the troubles of the day behind, lay there and clear my mind

Readying my soul to face another day

Sleep eludes me, catch snatches here and there

Wrap my blanket over my back, snuggling under there

Stay with me darkness, do not to end

Protect me from the day ahead

Bright sun, too harsh to see, People wanting to much of me

Everyone seems to want their piece

Feel as though there’s nothing left

Nothing left for me - of me, it is gone

Ripping the phone from the wall

Yelling at dogs who yap next door

Enjoyment gone because of the stalker

Even more the constant talker

Feelings of anxiouness, wanting to scream

Keep it in, feel my soul bubble with unrest

Leave me alone, cant you see - I have nothing to give

I have nothing left, not even for me

Give me night when I am alone, wrapping myself in darkness

Seems a plan, to soothe my nerves, to let me mend

Darkness, quiet, cool night air, moonlight on my bed

I crave this in my head


  1. Down by the water

    You will not hear the talker

    Listen to the water flow

    And let your inner soul glow

    Quiet now.....breath in deep

    Let yourself fall asleep.

    Know my friend that I truly care

    Pray that angels stroke your hair

    So in the still of the night, I hear your plight

    And send a whisper on wings

    To love and hold you tight.

  2. My dear sweet friend, thank you for your words of encouragement, I am so glad that you are one of my life given sisters, I am blessed. xxx



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