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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And So It Begins ... The Prequel

Today the first part of our kitchen renovation begins. They will be putting the steel beam into the roof so that they can knock down the load bearing wall. I won't be here to take photos of that part - well I don't think I will.

But before all that begins we have spent the weekend moving our old pantry and the hall stand to other parts of the house, packing boxes of crockery and some pots and pans and taking a lot of it around to our middle daughter's back room to store.

Monday night will see us move the fridge and the microwave cupboard (with microwave on top) and the last few odds and sods.

Wednesday will be the wall knock down and kitchen rip out ... the excitement begins.

Thursday and Friday the cupboards go in - minus the benchtops as we are having custom made acrylic tops and so they will be measured next Monday and will take 2 weeks to come back and install.

Then the man will come and measure for the glass splashbacks, which will take another week or so to make then install.

So we won't have a working kitchen till sometime in the middle of September, but I can't wait to see it all in place.

Here are some prequel pics, how old and sad does our kitchen look? It is funny you don't really notice, well I didn't, until I look at the pictures.

Looking towards the kitchen from our lounge area

The wall behind the black chair will be removed

Looking towards the old dining area from our new dining area
Our pantry and hall stand backed onto the wall

Our kitchen

Another view of the kitchen


  1. This is so exciting....can't wait to see the AFTER shots.

  2. Wow - excitement plus - bye bye old kitchen!

  3. All that extra space it will seem like once that wall goes! How open and spacious, can't wait to see the afters!



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