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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Warning : Making the Bed is Dangerous for your Health

Last Sunday - yes a week ago - I was making the bed and something went pop in my back and I could barely straighten up. 7 days later and it is not much better at all, in spite of massage and heat packs and trying to look after it. I think helping to move and pack our kitchen up yesterday did not help.

There will now be a health warning in my bedroom - Making Your Bed Is Bad For Your Health!!! - Leave it Messy and Unmade.

Seriously, I need a maid - is there anyone out there who would like to pop over and help?


  1. I like your theory. I'll send over my cleaning fairy, although she is rather lazy, doesn't do much around here!

    Hope your back is feeling better soon.

  2. Back troubles are never nice and neither are unmade beds. What to do?
    Have you considered a chiropractor? Good luck on finding help with housework.



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