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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kitchen Renovations - Day 1 Update

Well, today - 1 day ahead of schedule the wall came down - thought they were just doing the beam in the roof today, but no they took away the wall as well.

They also found the the man who fixed our sagging ceilings a few months ago did a dodgy job and so now we have a big hole in the ceiling which will be hopefully replaced tomorrow. All in all they did a great job, very little mess.

Tomorrow is kitchen rip out and turning of power and water to the kitchen.




After (apologies for blurriness)

and the new hole that we didn't expect to have


  1. Mum, you really need to get rid of that pin up board of last years Christmas cards - it doesn't suit your new kitchen at all!

  2. Christie I was going to say exactly the same thing!! Cards...out!
    OMG that ceiling was a disaster and those so-called repairers....well I ask you.
    I can see it all coming together eventually and can imagine some quite adventurous cooking taking place without a proper kitchen. I can't wait to see the end result and thank goodness you got rid of the bees.

  3. An afterthought...are you going to have a ceiling fan or aircon in the new kitchen?

  4. Now begins four to six weeks of microwave food and take out. You will be SOOOO happy to have a real stove again. But what excitement!!

  5. Does this mean you're going to fix the light connection in the lounge? I'll let Pookie know!



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