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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh Please ... Who Cares If She Is A Woman

Okay, now I don't normally do political posts, I do the occasional 'On My Soapbox' but not really anything truly about politics. Personally, I am a swing voter and try to make an informed choice.

I believe people's political preference is their business - however this time I have been driven to comment, as it is driving me insane. If I see one more woman interviewed on TV telling me they are voting Labor because Julia Gillard is a woman, I think I will scream.

What the hell does her gender have to do with it?

Would you vote for a clown, I mean a real clown, not those other 'clowns' we have had - just because he or she was a clown and wore clown clothes and could juggle? It is the same in my mind.

Please, make a choice made on something other than gender. I am just so over women looking like idiots when they make these types of comments. Vote for whoever you like, or don't vote at all, but please remember - gender is not a platform, a policy or a preference. As much as I am a woman and believe a woman can do anything - it is not in my opinion a reason for a political party to be voted into power.

On a lighter note, this post is not sponsored by the Liberals, the Greens
or the Australian Sex Party!!!


  1. I couldn't agree more...what the devil has sex got to do with it? I am so over Women's Lib. It may have been good for some but a lot of bad came from it as well and seems to have produced some strange females. I want a PM whom I feel is a human being regardless of their sex, someone who appears to have real feelings for what is going on around them. Will that person please stand up....soon. I think I have spotted someone who fills the bill and only hope I am right in my choice.



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