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Friday, August 20, 2010

Kitchen Renovations - Day 4 Update

We now have all the doors on and some of the drawers in, the others are on order as they are being custom made by the Blum drawer people as they are not a standard depth, hopefully they will be here next week. The big ones under the window have the soft closing option as they will be for our pots and pans etc.

On Monday the benchtop company will come and measure up - it will then take around 14 days to get them made and installed - they will be custom acrylic with an acrylic sink included. We end up with a seamless benchtop and flush mount sink - can not wait.

Tuesday the plaster comes back to finish cornices and patch the walls where needed.

Then we have a hiatus until the benchtops are installed. After they are done, the range hood goes in, the stove top and oven and the plumber attaches the pipes to the sink.

Then the glass splash back people arrive to measure and it takes another week or so for that to be installed.

We are so close, but yet so far as it will be mid September before we have a functioning kitchen.

Still patience is a virtue and I am so excited that we will have such a modern and lovely kitchen.

Here are some photos from today. Please let me know if you think I should go for Lime Green splashbacks given our benchtops are white as well. I still can not make up my mind. Oh and wait until you see my mixer tap - it is a beautiful cubic gooseneck design.

The breakfast bar will sit on top of the drawer unit and go all the way over to the window

Looking back towards the kitchen from our lounge over what will be the breakfast bar.
We have positioned the breakfast bar so you can sit and watch the Morning News on TV.
The fridge goes in the gap between the cupboards.

My beautiful glass doors

Waiting for these drawers

The pantry and microwave cupboard


  1. It is looking most impressive already. I still can't get used to the idea of folk watching TV in the morning but I guess it's 'cos we are old fuddy duddies eh? We're still hooked on listening to the wireless (oops sorry, the radio).
    I hope you realise that I am only joking.
    It must be wonderful having something like this to look forward to and I think you deserve it too.

  2. For the backsplash I would go with glass tiles in a multi colour, one of which could be lime green. That way you can change your accessories occasionally and keep the look fresh.
    (since you asked) The little glass tiles will sparkle and break up the monotony of the all white cupboards and benches. I am so happy for you that you are going to have a modern kitchen designed with your own particular needs in mind.

  3. It is looking great. Bet you can't wait for it to be finished.

  4. Oooooooo It's going to be looooove-er-ly.

    Go the green!

  5. Green is such a lovely colour! I like mybabyjohn's suggestion of tiles - you could actually do 2 tones of green amongst them then as well (lime and perhaps a really nice contemporary olive - is that an oxymoron LOL?)

    Your glass doors are identical to mine and they are soooo lovely to have in the room.

    Looking superb, lovely lady.

  6. We have an all-white kitchen, recently installed and absolutely GORGEOUS, and we went for warm chocolate brown glass splashbacks.

    I am so in love with my kitchen!!!

    And yours is just stunning, can't wait to see the finished result!!

    xx Averil



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