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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


  1. well that's fine, but now you have to tell US the joke!!

  2. Okay, this is getting irritating. First you get to Wednesday miles before the rest of us and then you won't tell us what was so everlasting funny. Come on girl!!!

  3. Well the fact is there is nothing funny in our lives at the moment, rather some serious stuff happening, so when I came across this photo my hubby took of me last year I just had to post it. The reason I was laughing then - well, you see, I hate having my photo taken and hubby kept saying "smile" so much and getting me with all sorts of weird expressions that in the end I just started laughing and this photo is the result.

  4. Well it is good to have a photo of happy times to look at. It gives you hope that you will get through today and tomorrow may be better.
    Good thoughts headed your way. By the way, how is the kitchen coming along?

  5. What a lovely photo. It makes me smile. :-)



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