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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Sisterhood

I am simply posing a question - what happened to the Sisterhood - you know the one where women supported other women (even strangers), the one where you showed admiration for other women who achieved, the one where you where proud of the way women showed solidarity - you know the one - right?

So why is it that there is a growing number of women bloggers worldwide that stab each other in the back, get jealous of another women's blog success and start vicious rumours and smear campaigns. Apparently there is a new type of bullying happening - cyber-bullying - and not it is not kids it is grown women who seem to be jealous of other women's success and popularity.

Surely I am not alone in thinking that this is a worrying trend.

I am thankful that the blogs I visit and the great friends and followers that I have still seem to be part of the Sisterhood for it gives me faith that these cyber-bullies are a small percentage of the women bloggers out there.


  1. Dearest Kakka,
    Cyber bullying is very real. I don't know - I believe in freedom of opinion, but I do think there is a time and place, and lashing out at someone from the safety of a computer screen is not the correct medium. Especially when you can just stop following their blog, or go to a different page. I've been feeling the weight of your question for years - I have one very best girlfriend who protects me as much as she supports me, and I her, but I've been physically attacked by women I've NEVER EVEN SEEN BEFORE at night spots around brisbane, at uni and on public transport,let alone the garbage other women have said about me to mutual acquaintances which has seen me excluded from job possibilities and friendships and so I'm incredibly wary. I wish I didnt have to be, but I really am.
    On a lighter note - I send you much love my friend. xoxo

  2. I don't get it either. Really, really, really don't get it. As Rianna says, just stop following or reading - simple.

    And Rianna, my heart breaks at your comments. You, like Kakka, are just the most beautiful soul and I feel so sorry for those who not only don't recognise it - but are fearful of it and react in the most base manner - by attacking.

    Surely evolution's made us go beyond this xx

  3. It's not just the sisterhood...it's everyone and it's everywhere...starting in our schools and working its way through the ether to old age homes...everywhere. I don't know what is happening to us but those of use who see it and don't like it need to stick together and try to protect each other from it. Even families do not seem to be exempt from this kind of behaviour within.

  4. I, like you Kakka, feel so grateful that I don't have people on my blog roll who do this (or I don't know about it) but is shocks me to see grown women behaving this way. Same with facebook and it has been happening in forums for years. I think that negativity is everywhere but if you choose to look for the good in situations then you can usually ignore the negative (work is a much nicer place when I stay out of the bitchy circles!) . Like your previous commenter though what concerns me the most is this is happening a lot now-a-days in young children. Jealousy in the young often leads to intense rage and irrational behaviours. Scary stuff and it just has to be stopped! Perhaps we know too much about each other now with blogs and facebook and what we say can be misinterpreted by others simply because they read our words from another viewpoint?

    On a side note the renovations are looking wonderful :)

  5. I totally agree. I got attacked by another blogger about a very innocent post in a bad way and it shook me lots but I got over it as you do. If you don't agree with another blogger simply close the window and find another one to read. I don't agree with everything I read and I don't choose to leave a nasty comment I just move right along. We are all entitled to our opinions.

    Sisterhood is dead. There are so many insecure in their own worlds that they need to pass judgement on others and bully each other to fill make them feel better. Just in real life.

    Unfortunately xx

  6. Its called the Tall Poppy Syndrome & it stinks !
    Good luck to all you lovely bloggers



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