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Saturday, August 27, 2011

PMT on Steroids

In yesterday's post entitled "I Nearly Blogged About", this would have been the stuff and nonsense I mentioned that was in my brain for last Tuesday.

Menopausal Madness is overtaking my brain cells. I mean this is like PMT on Steroids - the RAGE people, the RAGE is alive and well right here in my head!!!

Now I don't want to scare you, especially those of you who are years and years from the big M, but truly this is just so out of the box for me.

Back in the years when I had periods I occasionally suffered PMT, I say occasionally as it certainly was not every time or even every 2nd time (my family may beg to differ but I do warn them that the RAGE is here - so on your heads people). And when I did, it was a mild grumpiness with those around me and of course the odd stranger who did stupid things on the road or in shopping centres or ... you know what I mean. Most of the time I kept it to myself and never actually harmed anything except the odd slammed door or muttering under my breath.

But this, this is HUGE, I mean last Sunday I could visualise myself doing the famous Psycho scene on my next door neighbour - you know Don Burke with the chainsaw and Russian Bride! Okay, he wasn't naked in the shower or in black and white, but there was the music and the screwdriver and me and him sprawled on his driveway with his clothes on, but blood lots of blood.

RAGE .. it is the only way I can describe it. I mean, I could see myself grabbing a screwdriver and repeatedly stabbing this man in the back. Don't ask me why a screwdriver, I don't have one handy but that is what was in my head.

I hear you ask why? What had this poor man done to earn my wrath? Well it was a lovely sunny day, so my window was open in the study while I worked on a project and all I can hear is him and that bloody gate and him and the vacuum cleaner and him and the grunting while gardening and him and the laughing and him and the ... you get my drift.

Enter the idiots on trailbikes zooming illegally around the suburb. Well they truly pushed me over the edge, if it hadn't been for the teddies sitting on the chair in my study looking at me with those concerned eyes, well, people it would have been a massacre!!

Instead I went and laid down on the bed and cuddled Max in the afternoon sunshine and did deep breathing. Prison term avoided. Lets hope I have the strength next time the RAGE hits!!

I can tell you the teddies were very relieved, and so was the elephant with pink spots - and no I have not been drinking. I will tell you about my elephant one day soon - I promise.


  1. The best cure for the RAGE is to get away from whatever is irritating you...whether its the hubby the kids or the neighbours.....just get out of there for a while. You'll be glad later that you didn't kill them.

  2. So with you here. I know I have a bad temper, but it is so controlled that many people around me disbelieve me when I admit to it. But the menopausal rage does my head in. And it is almost always over small things.

    Cuddling cats helps but I worry about what will happen if they are not available. Aaaargh.

    WV: unreq(uested) rage

  3. There are medications that will help with the rage, perhaps you could discuss this with your doctor? I've been through the whole menopause thing, but didn't experience any rage. I did have the "crawly skin" feeling and awful hot flushes, as many as ten a day. I'd be sitting watching TV, then wham! I was boiling hot and throwing off layers of clothes, only to be putting them all back on within a half hour, then repeating the process in the next 40 minutes or so. Medication helped with that, and I also discovered that the flushes were worse and more frequent when I had chocolate or too much coffee.
    Hugging my stuffed monkeys helped if I was feeling a bit down and weepy, they absorbed many, many tears and listened without judging while I told them my troubles.

  4. I'm glad the prison term was avoided! I'm feeling your pain in this post, I understand to a degree, I get PMT so bad that I just feel so teary and grumpy and snappy towards everyone...I know I'm doing it and I just can't stop. Oh men get it so easy!

  5. I have occasional rage that is hormonal, and I like to slam doors! Try throwing someting, that works too! Glad you avoided the screwdriver remedy though, for all involved!

    [don't mind me, catching up on about 2 weeks worth of blog posts!!]



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