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Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter has a lot of meanings for a lot of people and whatever it means to you I hope that your Easter fulfilled your expectations and gave you great joy.

For me, this Easter was extra special. It was the first Easter in a lot of years that all my children and their partners and my grand children were together to celebrate in one place.

More than half the family had suffered from a very nasty strain of gastro that had laid many of us in our sick beds, myself included, in the week that proceed Easter, but all of us managed to be well for the morning of celebration.

As a mother and grandmother to have all of my loved ones together - laughing, smiling, enjoying good food and each other's company was just the boost I needed to get me over the last hurdle of being unwell.

To see my 2 grand-daughters - one so tiny being helped by one so tall on their Easter egg hunt was truly magical.

Thank you to all my children for taking the time to share together. A special thanks to my eldest daughter and son in law for organising and hosting the event, and to all my other children and my future daughter in law for rearranging work schedules, bringing supplies and playing musical chairs in the lounge (you will all know what I mean).

Oh and the caption to the photo - What is this thing and what was it doing in that plant?

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  1. What a wonderful Easter you had to be sure. Fantastic to have all the family together in the one place for a change.
    I was so sad not to see any of my family at all over Easter and then my ending up in hospital on the Sunday afternoon certainly put the kybosh on doing any catching up later that day or on the Monday and now everyone is back at work. I still have two bags of Easter eggs waiting here for family whom I hope may receive them soon as I think they have a fairly short expiry date (so I can't keep them until next Easter can I?) :)
    It is nice to be out of hospital with all apparently being O.K. (so THEY say, and they are the experts so we trust them don't we? Of course we do!!)
    A belated Happy Easter to one and all.



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