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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today Would Have Been ...

... my Grandma Win's birthday. She was born on the 15.4.1897. Happy Birthday Grandma wherever you are. I still miss you more than words can say and have been thinking about you a lot today. You were one tough cookie, both physically with all you had to bear, but also mentally. You aimed for perfection and expected no less from us, I hope in some way I have lived up to your expectations. Love you still.

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  1. Thank you my darling for that very special blog. She was on my mind all day too but I wasn't feeling quite up to scratch enough to do anything in the way of blogging. You said it all.
    Yes, she expected quite a lot of everyone but also gave her all throughout her life in any task she undertook. She went without a lot so I should be raised and educated well for which I could never repay her. There are some things she did I have never quite understood for which I can't blame her as I know she always did what she thought in her mind was best for everyone concerned.
    She absolutely adored you and I think if she was around now she would feel you have done well in your choice of husband, raising your children and also in your professional life. Whether we could ever live up to the standards she set I don't know but never feel that you have let her down because you haven't.
    I have that photo of her on the wall next to where I sit and looked at it many times during the day (yesterday).
    Once again, many thanks for your wonderful blog about a great mum and grandmother.



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