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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Over Shoulder Boulder Holders

That's what my brother used to tease me with when I was first wearing bras and I used to think how could he say that about these little bras well now that certainly applies.

How I wish could go back to those days. Those days when my breasts actually could be called perky instead of floppy. Back in the days when I was an A cup, well maybe when I was a B cup would be better look.

I remember the thrill of wanting to wear a bra - that would mean I was all grown up - wouldn't it? I remember getting a second hand bra from my cousin when I was in Year 7 (the year I turned 12) and stuffing it full of tissues and wearing it out and thinking I was just the coolest girl ever.

I remember going shopping with my Mum and then being really embarrassed because she talked in a loud voice to the shop assistant about training bras - OMG, I'm sure she was really talking in a normal voice but it sounded loud to me!!

I remember getting my first pretty bra - a little black net/lace number with a appliqued flower discretely placed over the nipple area - no wires at that time - but did I feel special?

I remember the first time a boy tried to undo my bra - sort of scary and nice at the same time.

I remember having my first maternity bra at the tender age of 17 and realising my breasts were never going to be the same again - from a B to a D in what seemed like an overnight happening. Plain white maternity bras they seemed huge and pointy - no pretty things like now.

So many memories tied up with one piece of clothing.

Now, I hate wearing them, they are a form of torture, they hurt my back, their wires poke under my arms pits, I have trouble doing them up because of my bad shoulder. Oh to go back to the days of smaller perkier breasts and pretty pretty bras - sigh.

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  1. Oh, my aching neck and shoulder.
    I met an elderly lady several years ago who had had a breast reduction (much to the disgust of her husband apparently) and she said it was wonderful. I asked my doctor 10 years ago and she said it was too serious an operation even to contemplate.
    Now, I don't wear a bra at home (not a good look at times) but rather a tight fitting singlet, but have to wear a bra with wide straps (still quite attractive) when I go out into public.
    I tried a front fastening bra that cost me a small fortune but the strap came right across the muscle near my neck and IT HURT!!! Sold that one on eBay to a lady who wanted just that particular bra :)
    As I said to the technician when having a mammogram a few years back "I reckon you should be able to unzip them once they are of little use to you". Someone slipped up there when they manufactured woman.



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