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Friday, April 10, 2009

I Am Truly Blessed

Somewhere at some time I must have been soo good that the universe picked out the very best and sent it to me in the shape of a man.

This man cherishes me so much that sometimes I feel that I am not worthy of his love, after all I am not perfect.

Last night after 3 days of gastro and being cooped up in a house that began to feel like a prison I expressed a wish to go for a drive to the beach to hear the ocean and be in the moonlight. Even though he was tired from a busy week and the fact it takes 40 mins for us to get to the ocean let alone the 40 mins to get back - without even a hesitation he made it so. Then when we got there he stood and cuddled me against the night breezes as we leant against the fence and watched the waves roll in and stood in the glorious moonlight, and in all truth held me up as I was still feeling a little shaky from being sick.

All week when I have been feeling down he has given me cuddles and kisses even though he could get sick too, he has stroked my forehead, held my hand and just been there.

This man is my protector, my lover, and completes my soul. For that I am truly thankful.


  1. I am so glad we asked you to come along and play badminton all those years ago. It has indeed ended well for which we are all so thankful.
    May the two of you continue to have a long and happy life together for many years to come. We love you both very much (even if HE did beat us playing badminton).

  2. Please excuse me for sneaking in to your blog (I clicked on your name via a blog you follow, because your name intrigued me!), but I couldn't not comment on this post and say how thoroughly wonderful your partner sounds. The ocean is so healing, I am so pleased for you that you were given that opportunity to go to it.

  3. Welcome Being Me - I am happy to have you pop over any time. Thanks for your lovely comment too, I certainly have been blessed with the almost perfect man. Kakka



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