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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Do Followers = Popularity and Should It Matter

When I started my blog, I didn't really think about gathering followers - other than my family and friends - and even then there was no pressure on them to follow me - I just put it out there that I was blogging and left it at that.

So I wonder, is there a number that means your blog is popular? Should it even matter when, if like me, you blog for yourself. I certainly have never blogged with the thought that any given post might increase the number of followers I have. Should I be thinking that - is that the goal of blogging?

The first time someone that I did not personally know started to follow me was weird. For a short time it put all sorts of pressure on me. You know like finding a new friend and the tentative relationship you can sometimes have - will I say something they don't like - that sort of thing.

Slowly a few more people appeared and my numbers on this blog sat around 15 for ages. Some of these earlier followers I now count as cyber-friends, I have built a friendship with them - without ever having met face to face. I suppose it is a little bit like the old days of having pen-friends. There are a few I would love to personally met, but then would that be even more weird? I know for me it would be hard, I am always filled with self-doubt when meeting someone for the first time.

Last night I noticed my numbers were at 40 (and 20 on my other blog) and it got me thinking. In real life I have a handful of friends, most who have been friends for a long time. I am not a friend/acquaintance gatherer as such. I have a girlfriend who has so many friends/acquaintances it overwhelms me - I'm like how can you give so much of yourself to all these people - but she thrives on it as she is an extrovert. Being the introvert that I am, I don't have the confidence to boldly go up to someone and start talking and bonding with them. I find it draining to have too many people around me, it can be overwhelming. I am never the life of the party, rather prefer small gatherings with people I know. I am not good at circulating and making idle chat with strangers. So I tend to stay in a corner and watch.

Even in the blog world, I tend to be a watcher - I try and read all the blogs I follow every day - or every second day when I am busy. I remember the last post I read and will start from there and work my way up to the newest one. But I don't always comment - just like I don't make idle chat in real life. So is that okay in blog etiquette - should you always comment?

Whenever a new follower appears, I always go to their blogs to see who they are and to follow them. But some people I can't actually find a link to their blogs - so I don't know if they have a blog or just read other people's blogs. Can you do that, just follow and not blog?

I notice as I go around the blog world that some people have hundreds of followers, so does having 40 (20) mean I am less popular, and should that really matter? For me it doesn't and I am happy with that.

So welcome to my newest follower, I am about to pop over and check out your blog. To those that have been following me for longer - thank you for taking time in your busy days to drop in and visit. Your comments are always welcome, but please don't feel you have to comment - I leave that totally up to you.


  1. Interesting post Kakka. i guess it's like you say- it's whether you blog for yourself or others. I'm astounded at the amount of Followers I've accumulated. It is a bit weird to know they are there, and it does put the pressure on- people are reading you for a reason. but I love getting to know people and reading their blogs. i tried to Follow all my Followers, but I just can't keep up at the moment!

    I always try and read everyone's every post,and comment so they know I've been there. But sometimes I wonder if I should comment if I'm not adding anything relevant?

  2. I only have 18 followers. I love my blog because it's a visual diary of where I've been and my development as a woman. Plus, there are a few lovely readers who post the sweetest comments and you do build up friendships in cyber space which is as weird as it is wonderful. xoxo

  3. I like this post Kakka and it is a topic I have been thinking about lately too.

    I blog for me essentially and as a record for my children in the future but it does make me wonder what it is that people like reading about on my blog? I could never ask what people would like to read as I just blog about whatever comes to me when i start typing. If I felt pressure to have to write about a certain thing then I would probably quit blogging altogether.

    I am happy to have followers but only if they are following because they like reading what I write and not because they feel compelled to, although it still gobsmacks me that people do read what I write and keep coming back :)

    I am shocked when i come across a blog which has hundreds or even thousands of followers and I wonder what it was they did that got them so many followers?

    Lori, I used to think that about commenting too but then I realised that even hearing a hello from someone in my comments would make my day and so I started commenting even when I didn't have alot to say. Just giving a compliment etc and it feels good to give them :).

    Rianna..you have 19 now! :) are all the photos in your header of you? Your blog is beautiful and I have become a follower :)

  4. We all know I am a blog tart, and yes I do get a kick with each new follower. I do look at their blogs, but I only follow those that strike a chord of some sort.

    Same as whilst I read a lot, I only comment on those I want or have something to say about. Like this, lol.

    But I am the sort of person who chats in checkout lines, at parties, and with people I do not know.

    Some call it an extrovert, but I think Boy 1 summed it up in one of his assignments (don't ask). He says I am a chataholic.

  5. I know just what you're saying.
    When I started blogging less than a year ago I was surprised to have any followers at all. I didn't even know what I was going to write about, let along think that anyone would be interested in reading it.
    I used to look at bloggers with 100+ followers and thinkg, "Wow, they must be really good!"
    To say I am astounded that I have 100+ followers now is an understatement. I have no idea how that even happened!!

    And I'm with you on commenting. I read all the ones in my blog list every day, but I only comment if something immediately comes to mind to say.

  6. When I started it was so there was to have somewhere nice to brighten my day and if there was a way to brighten other people's it would be a bonus. Never did I expect more than a handful of people. To say that I don't get excited by every follower of my blog would be a total lie. I love it. And comments, well they make my head spin I get so excited!


  7. I do get astounded that anyone follows my blog. It does amaze me that anyone reads what I have written. It is definitely not my reason for blogging though. It really is a record of what I have done for me and to show my family pictures of my children and I am happy to share with anyone who is interested.

  8. I'm relatively new to blogging so that moment when I gained my first follower I didn't 'know' is very clear - I was petrified! And wondered how they'd found me in the first place. I love writing, and I love that my blog gives me a place to share the things I see, hear and think. I often wander around cyberspace visiting new blogs or checking out the people who've commented on mine - I only comment if I feel a 'connection' with the 'voice' and what they're saying. Thanks for the post!

  9. MM - I don't think there is any right answer, that what is right for each of us is personal and unique. I do know that if you're a writer trying to get published, having a blog with a large following helps. Publishers nowadays look for that, as it is a ready made market. Then again, most bloggers are not writing books, so I'm not sure of the motive other than it probably feels nice to have so many people interested in what one has to say. For some, it does seem like a mild obsession.

    If someone follows me, I always try to follow in return. I also try to comment as I have time on the blogs I read because I love getting comments. I can say that I've received a tremendous amount of support from my blog readers lately given what's going on my life, even though I've never met most of them, and that has brought me a lot of comfort.

  10. Kakka I have awarded you...http://jemikaan.blogspot.com/2010/04/blogging-awards.html (although I am sure you have already recieved this one many many times :) xo)

  11. I have just come across your blog for the first time! I tend to blog for me really. I am also amazed that anyone follows, let alone comment!
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Made some silly typos in last comment and then I couldn't log in!!!
    I have been blogging for a while but as they are pretty mundane I doubt I have many followers and it is seldom I receive any comments.
    You have such a vivid imagination and are so artistic it is no wonder people follow you avidly.
    I congratulate you in being able to maintain people's interest in what you do and have to say. Well done.

  14. I sometimes get hung up on followers, as shown when I actually lost one recently. I write for myself but I also write to meet all of you guys from across the world....I just love reading about your lives and how different or similiar they are to mine....and of course they are friendships, who says that we need to live next door to each other to be friends...

  15. I think it's easy to buy into the followers thing. Mine tends to move in fits and starts. I started out with a couple, girls I already knew and whose blogs I had followed for quite some time.

    It hovered arond 20 for ages, then was suddenly at 50. Then again, it hovered until there was another mass influx. And so on..

    I recently lost some and have no idea who they are, which is sad. that's a problem with having a lot of followers. It does become quite impossible to keep up with that many blogs. My followers are at around 150ish, and I have 180 on my reader.

    Yours however, my dearest is one of my comfort blogs. I've been a bad blogging friend to everyone of late, not even having the energy to read. But oh, how I've missed you and your comforting words.

    Just blog as you are, karen. You couldn't be more wonderful.

  16. I think the little connections you make are lovely. Some bloggers seem to "gel" when you read their blog and after a while do feel like friends.

    As for followers - I don't think it really matters unless you are running your blog as a business enterprise in which case it obviously is very important!

    I am amazed by the varied nature of my followers, I like seeing where and who they are.

  17. I love your approach. I think 'popularity' only matters if it matters to you. Most people I know are just writing their blogs and thrilled to bits if a new follower appears. That works for me.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

  18. I think, whatever makes you happy. Different bloggers have different things they're hoping to happen with their blog, and there's no right or wrong situation.

  19. In the past I have been known to defollow some of the ore popular blogs, but dont forget there is also a myriad of followers who either list the blog in their sidebar, or copy and paste the URL into blog reading programs. Ive only just started to "follow" blogs by using the follow on the sidebar since I started using google reader.

    I think you do need to gel with the person writing and though I have been blogging for 4 years, I only have 40 followers on my craft blog, and my new personal blog has ony 3 :o Im not looking to build up followers for popularity, I write because its easier to get it out of my head and makes sense of how I am feeling!

    And commenting, I dont get a whole heap of time to do so, but I cant go past a post if it stikes a chord with me nor if I can feel someones pain :( although it does feel weird to comment when you dont know someone :)

  20. From what I can gather, lots of people read blogs and comment, but don't blog themselves. I like that. I like that you don't have to have a blog to feel like you're part of this lovely community of ours.

    And, no, as in life, how many friends you have doesn't mean anything unless they are engaged, supportive, genuine sorts of friends. Take it from me, I have loads of followers, but I have no idea how many of them actually read my blog! Who knows what it's all about!? I just enjoy the ride. x

  21. I'm a terrible commenter; I read what I can, but sometimes I just don't have anything worthwhile to add. I'm quite introverted too.

    I became quite conscious of my follower numbers for a while; I even started on some of those blog hops designed to gather 'followers'. You don't actually gather 'real' followers. People who come back and actually join the conversation; they're the ones who count.

  22. Thanks to everyone who popped over from Weekend Rewind. Even 12 months later I still wonder about the blogs that have a huge number of followers and wonder whether that adds pressure to them, feeling they have to be bigger and better all the time. I am happy with my blog and surprised every time a new face appears in my followers. The little connections you find out there are sometime quite amazing.



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