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Friday, April 9, 2010

Muse Wars Challenge 8 - I Got Nothing Or Do I?

Night after night I stared at this picture when I returned from work and nothing came to me except frustration. Maybe it was my mood - the red gloomy clouds reflect the thoughts of the day, of the week - what a week.

But then tonight I focus on the rainbow wings of the warrior princess sweeping in to save this dying world.

I have a rainbow warrior princess in my life - I shall call her JB.

Today JB swooped in and saved me. Saved me from walking out of work and resigning. Saved me from the tears that spilled down my cheek. Took me to the fresh air, walked with me and calmed me.

Then we ran away together, after lunch, left the work behind and went to the pool where we swam and jogged and laughed.

Thank you my rainbow warrior princess - my true friend - my 'sister'. I love you xxx


  1. That's a really striking picture. I just linked back to you in my blog xx

  2. This one stumped me too Kakka. I'm so glad you have a mate like that.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I just got around to looking at your post in this challenge and agree with both you and Lori. could not think of anything, I guess that's what "Muse Wars" is all about.

    It's too late now but the wings look kind of like one of those hair clip/holder thingies little girls wear. Did anyone come up with something?

    Ps I deletd the previous comment, wrong ID used,um..Aren’t I mysterious...

  5. That was definitely not nothing :) well done Kakka and how wonderful that you have a JB in your life :)

  6. Well I thoroughly enjoyed this post despite your not "coming up with anything" for your Muse Wars challenge! :)

  7. You are certainly lucky to have someone that goes to bat for you when things become a little too much for you. It must be really wonderful.
    I sometimes wish you would tell me when you have those problems but I guess friends are better than mums are at those times. Perhaps one thinks a mother will criticise?
    It's just that having to read about them, well.....hope you understand what I am trying to say.



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