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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Water Walking A New Pool

So this morning at 4.50 am (yes before 5) I arose, got my swimming gear on, and toddled off to a new pool. It was pitch black outside.

The nice 15 min drive there with the sun roof open, there was no sun, with chilly 16 degree air wafting in woke me up nicely. Did I mention I love my sun roof, I'm sure I have before somewhere.

Waiting at the other end was JB, luckily for me as I forgot my shoes. I did mention I was up at 4.50 am didn't I? She had a spare pair so my little (size 10 not so little) footsies didn't get hurt on the very lumpy bitumen.

We entered (it is indoors) the hot steamy and smelly pool area. Put our things down, and walked into the very hot and shallow (.9m at one end and 1.3m at the other) pool.

The pool is only 25m long, is 8 lanes wide (although I swear then are narrower lanes that my normal pool) with 2 put aside for walkers. About 10 mins into the hour there, I switched to the slow swimming lane. Did a combined 75 m of breast stroke and side stroke and in the process managed to kick a man who was submerged swimming - WTF - and got jabbed numerous times by other blokes who are totally oblivious to anyone else. What's with that?? Switched back to walking as I was over swimming, there is only so much jabbing I can take. Found that more people had arrived and where hogging the deep end (or not so deep end) which reduced the walking length even more.

My thoughts - too crowded, too small, too hot, too smelly and filled with ignorant men (and a few women). I don't like walking in loops - never had to at my pool. It wasn't deep enough for me to jog on the spot, when I tried I hurt my knee. So I drove home with a huge amount of disappointment. I want to feel good, like I do at my pool, which is now closed because our Shire is stupid.

Tomorrow, we try another pool after work. I will find one I like, but it will only ever be a substitute - I want my pool back right now.


  1. Keep up the good work though, Karen, and don't let the pool troubles get to you :)
    Love, S.

  2. Wow you have size 10's!? IKWYM about lumpy bitumen, esp if your feet are cold.

    Well done you. It is amazing, the resistance of water, and such a lovely way to exercise (I always find it far more forgiving on my joints and back).

  3. Oh no! I hope you find a new water walking home. I can hear your frustration.....

  4. Bah!! Nothing worse than a yucky public pool. Hope you find a good one soon!

  5. OH you poor thing, I hope you find a pool that you like and feel comfy at. I know what you mean because since moving to our farm I can no longer visit my favourite gym, and I haven't found another I like....

  6. You didn't say where this AWFUL pool is. There are pools in Melville and also at South Lake but of course they would be more 'after work' pools.
    I hope you can find somewhere. I might even join you one day (now there's a threat for you..haha).
    I, like you, don't really like indoor pools 'cos of the horrible smell and the humidity in there.
    Do let us know when you finally find a 'nice' pool for the winter months.

  7. Thanks everyone for your continued support. It really means a lot to me. xxx



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